Fileminder integration

I’ve been thinking about a new auto-integration for a while now, called Fileminder. The basic idea is that it would watch a particular folder, then increment a graph any time a file is added to that folder.

One use case would be with technical ebooks & the problem sets at the end of each chapter, as a way to keep myself on the road to complete,, etc.

@dreev pointed out that there is a Zapier integration to do this with a Dropbox folder:

And I hacked together this matching IFTTT recipe because I don’t have a paid Zapier account:

But I’m personally interested in using this not with Dropbox, but public Github folders. Is anyone else interested in this?

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I can certainly see how this would be useful, but making that specific an integration with Beeminder would be the wrong approach, because then where do you stop? And the Beeminder team only has so many resources to spend on integration.

On the other hand if they had a better integration with IFFTTT that didn’t rely on sending emails, then you could have done this integration easier and anything else IFTTTT integrates with (which does seem to be pretty much anything, currently).

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