"filled out your other goals" goal

Hi folks!

I notice quite a few people have a “entered data” goal. I started whipping up a script for doing this automatically, for me.

At first, I was saying that all autodata goals would be ignored, and all non-autodata goals would be required to have daily input (even if it’s zeros or whatever), but some of the autodata goals are ones that I actually have to poke some other datasource…

So for me, I think a good compromise is to just have a list of goals to ignore for data, and a list to watch, and then a goal to drop a datapoint into when you have all the data in for today/yesterday.

I usually share stuff like this, and if enough people ask, I could even put this up on a little website so folks who don’t want to run Python scripts in the terminal can still get this.

Thoughts? Better criteria for which goals need data? Let me know.


Ooh, this kind of metaminding is actually something I’ve wanted for a long time. I was thinking of it like Beeminder itself as one of our autodata integrations:


Would be really great to get people guineapigging this with a 3rd-party tool first!

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This is very similar to something I was brainstorming the other night.

I was thinking about how to build an automated goal which, each week, randomly selects a non-meta goal as the “challenge” goal for that week. Then you have to make some progress on that goal this week.

I think I could implement my idea using your idea, if you make it easy to programmatically edit the config file (that is, my bot would edit the config to consist of a single goal each week).