Fitting more widgets in an Android home screen

I’m using the ADW Launcher 1 EX for my home screen - by far the best one I’ve tried. It lets me make the home screen up to 10x10. But putting in an 8th column crams the widgets in so they overlap at the edges:

Is there any way to fix this? Can I shrink the widgets so they don’t overlap as much?

Or are there any launchers people would recommend that would let me fit more widgets on the home screen?

I found a good solution - Nova Launcher! It has a secret “Labs” mode (hold down the down volume button with settings open) that lets you go up to 16x16!

I have it at 8x16 now, so even with the 42 spots I’m using for other things, that gives me 86 spots for goal widgets!

Check it out!

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