Android Widget Mixup?


Hi folks!

My Beeminder workflow involves lots of Android Beeminder widgets. While I used to put them all on one screen (*Lots* of Android widgets on one screen), in early 2017 I switched to a logical grouping, where the widgets are right next to an applicable app. I.e. the one measuring my Twitter time is right next to my Twitter app, so I can see my goal before clicking into it.

(I love this and want to write more about it, but first…)

This worked amazingly for me for all of 2017, until I replaced my Android phone this month. I have been setting my new phone up up rather slowly, and I noticed that I seemed to have the wrong Android widget on the screen, and I chalked it up to setting my phone up on the bus before my coffee, so I started taking screenshots after I set up each thing. It’s not me setting them up wrong – my widgets are not working right. They’re changing which goal they point to, sometimes they don’t refresh for 7+ hours after the goal changes in the Beeminder app, and sometimes when they change what goal they’re pointing to, they show both goal titles!

For a few more days, I have both phones. I know I am running the latest Beeminder version on both phones. I have never seen this on my Nexus 5X, and I have seen it all week on my Pixel 2. I am running Android 8 on both devices. I do not know if I have set up new widgets on Android 8 on my 5X, rather than just continue to use the old ones. I have been using the stock launchers on both devices.

If anyone has any insight, if anyone has heard of widget issues on Android 8 or on the Pixel 2 or whatever fancy launcher Google uses for it, or if anyone has had a similar problem with Beeminder, please let me know. Thanks!


There have been numerous reports that the first boot after the Android 8.1 is “weird”. I rebooted my phone, and things were fine for a few hours, but then I noticed the widget mixup happening again!


I responded to the beemail about this and @dreev asked if I would post it in the thread, so here it is:

I don’t know about his specific problem (and I mostly use the other android
widget, the list one) but I’ve definitely cleared the app’s data fully and
reinstalled at some point to work around something (although this was a
while ago and I don’t remember what).

I think one issue was related to goal archiving / slug changing not being reflected correctly, although it’s been a while since I’ve seen that so possibly it’s resolved or I was just doing something incorrectly.

(As an android widget related side note, I think I would actually prefer to use a big collection of the individual ones, since then I could sort them. But I can’t get them to display reasonably on my home screen (which is 6x7, so a lot of widgets bug out a little. e.g. bunch of them will work correctly eventually but require more space to placed initially than they do when being resized).)


I bet slug changing breaks the widget!

Can you explain the last paragraph a little more? Maybe a screenshot might



The widget ends up looking like this:

Which is 1x2, which is what the widget asks for. But it doesn’t look quite right.


Wow! Is that what happens when you drag the widget out, or is that after a
resizing? What device do you have? Do you use the stock launcher on it or
something special?


Galaxy s5, trebuchet, that screenshot is with it set to a 7x6 grid. Setting it to a 7x7 grid makes it look a little better (they ask for 2x2 and are a little squarer) but still not quite what I wanted. That’s what I get when I drag the widget out.

What I’d like is for them to fit into 1x1 spots so I can have a whole bunch of them organized nicely, but I’m aware the weird grid size is my own fault really.


I have never seen that before. I bet there’s a way I can set them to lock
at 1x1–i had no idea the smaller ones were sizeable at anything else.