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Stretched Out Widgets?

Just got a new phone (a Pixel 4) and when I put my widgets on my homescreen they were rectangular instead of square. Not the end of the world, but I was wondering why this happened and if there was any way to fix it.


Wondering if installing a different launcher would “fix” this? Also does the default launcher let you adjust how many rows and columns are on the screen?

On Pixel 3, if I long-press on them, they highlight and then allow me to change their size horizontally and vertically to anything I like. :slight_smile:


Weirdly, it gives me the little resize lines and dots when I do that, but if I try to resize, it just snaps back to a rectangle as soon as I let go of the widget. So odd.

Filed as an issue here:

The thing is that these are listed as 1x1 widgets when I place them.

So Android has the concept of widget cells on the launcher. The resize lines are for resizing the widget across multiple cells.

The Beedroid widget currently fills up the cell that it’s in (with some padding)–and it looks like the Pixel 4 widget cells are quite rectangular!

Let’s see here, it may make sense to make the colored quadrilateral a square, and blow it up to the maximum width it can be. I’ll see what I can do.

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Sure. I think that jives with my hypothesis, but not necessarily what I wrote :slight_smile: What happens if you put another copy of the 7:30 widget on that screen, right under the current 7:30 widget? Can you send a screenshot of that?

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I’m having the same issue on a Moto G8 with Android 11.

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