Fixed sort order

I’d like to have my goals displayed in a consistent order that I can get used to. I notice that I find hunting through the goals slightly aversive. (Not enough to stop Beeminder being awesome, just slightly frustrating.)

Alphabetical would be fine, and the ability to sort the myself would be fantastic. I totally get that “time to derailment” makes sense, but colours are also good for that, plus there are app and email notifications.


Great point. There’s a sorta related suggestion on Uservoice (we intend to migrate Uservoice to this forum) that we agree is worth doing and I think it will make sense to have custom sort options at the same time. Thanks for suggesting this!

I’d like to add that it would be nice if the chosen sort order in the dashboard would stick. It would save me at least two clicks every time I’m there. I agree that some sort of sorting/taging/folder feature for people with more than a few goals would be very helpful.


Just came to say that I still want this. Esp in the Android app. I’d be happy with either alphabetical goal order, but my ideal would be manual order, so I could put them in the order of my routine.

But maybe it’s only me?