Dashboard: organizing goals?

I have the feeling that this topic has been discussed already, but cannot find anything – sorry for that.

I wonder if there is a way to organize goals? Like folders, or manual sorting? I gather that now they are sorted according to days until derailing – no way of changing it?

And another thing: is there no way to see which goals are marked for archive? I keep forgetting about that. My memory is not what it used to be!

Many thanks!


It was already discussed but apparently not yet implemented. So maybe if we express our wishes for this once more, it will bring attention and move upward in the list of priorities :slight_smile:
I am also looking forward to having a way to organize goals on the dashboard. There are some goals for which this “buffer” has no sense, I want to be able at least to pin them to a specific place in the list :slight_smile:


I ‘pin’ these to the bottom of my dashboard by giving them a flat road and an end date 10 years away…

Can also play games with the goal deadlines to encourage a sort order amongst goals with the same eep day.

Right. I have some like that too. But what usually gets in the way is do-less goals which I would like to be pinned at the top (rather than giving them a large buffer for them to sit in the bottom; for obvious reasons). In the old design, there was at least the sort threshold :slight_smile:

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There is a (in development?) feature for tags https://www.beeminder.com/tags that was mentioned with the new design (cc @dreev)
You can then bookmark a filtered view of the dashboard like this https://www.beeminder.com/apolyton#Fitness


I had to resort to changing all my goal names (aka slug) to four digit numbers because beeminder can not display the full goal name in gallery mode.

Tags sound interesting… however how do you get that filtered view? By manually typing #tag?

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Yes, “manually”, there is no interface yet