Forest App

I’ve been using the forest app the past few days and layering it with beeminder. I track my hours spent reading using the toggl app to time it. Forest is an app that “grows” a cartoon tree when you stay off your phone, and “wilts” the tree if you leave the app! You pick an amount of time you want to stay off your phone (10 mins to two hours) and it times you. Basically, a tool that gameifies staying off your phone. It’s worked really well for me so far—I start the toggl app timer, quickly start the Forest timer, then get to reading!!!

(I’m not working for Forest or anyone, just been excited that reading longer periods of time has become so much easier. I think the key is the lack of choice. My reading timer is on, so I have to be reading. My forest timer is on, so I can’t turn off my reading timer without killing my tree. I have absolutely nothing I should be doing except reading. It’s great!)


You can automate the process if you’re on an iPhone. Forest syncs with Health on the Mindful minutes metric which you can beemind with the iOS app :slight_smile:


!!! Thank you!!!

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