Fractional values only valid during goal creation, but not for setting breaks?

i just created a new goal (ttmik – enbee – beeminder) and also immediately set a break for it during august. (i don’t calendial as of yet, instead i make notes of my breaks whenever i know they’re confirmed to be happening.)

this goal has a regular commitment of 1/day, and i didn’t want to set it to 0 for the upcoming break, i wanted to set it to 2/week, in other words: 2/7 (or, as the calculator puts it: 0.285714…).

however, when i input “2/7” in the “set a break” setting screen, it gave me this:
which is very much the opposite of what i wanted :sweat_smile:

as a new bee plus subscriber as of today (:sunglasses:) i then went to the graph editor to see if that would change things, but no dice … putting “2/7” as the “daily slope” there also resulted in beeminder thinking i meant “2”.

obviously the solution was to open the calculator and then manually type in “0.29” for the break time; however, you shall consider this as a feature request that wishes not only the goal value at creation to accept and automatically convert fractal values into decimals :)
(unless i missed/mistyped something, in which case, please enlighten me! :D)