Full Screen Graphs

It would be really nice to be able to generate full screen graphs for printing, or saving as wallpaper, including in presentations, etc. (An alternative would be, when selecting ‘save image as’ after right-clicking on the graph, to save it in higher resolution than appears on the screen … if that were possible).

There was a request in Oct. '16 for this (jacob122, I think) … any chance of seeing this at some point?


Additionally, are there plans for dynamic javascript-based graphs in the future? I would love to explore specific datapoints visually and change the axes min/max on the fly.


Yup, this is absolutely happening, we just have a long-ish list of things we’re doing on the back-end to make the transition easier. So we don’t have a prediction yet of when, but really appreciate feedback like this as it helps us prioritize it!

Ah, then, perhaps in my first post, rather than saying “generate full screen graphs for … including in presentations, etc.”, I should have said “generate full screen graphs for … including in presentations extolling the virtues of Beeminder, and positioning Beeminder as a major part of the solution to most of life’s problems”. :slight_smile: