More interactive graph?

This is a quick feature request. I like to keep only the recent history visible for most of my goals. This helps to keep recent developments visible on the graph, especially for goals that are maintained for a long time.

However, I regularly need/want to see a different time range on the graph temporarily, either to take a quick screenshot or to get a more long term perspective. Currently to do this, I need to go to the goal page, change the settings, do whatever I needed the different graph for, then change the settings back. This is a clunky and unintuitive workflow, for something that is a regular occurrence in my use of Beeminder. This is even more tedious on mobile.

I think a solution as already exists on the graph editor for the default goal display would be a nice solution, where a subsection of the full graph can be selected for view.

I would suggest combining this with changing the permanent graph range settings to be relative (“show last X days”) or something like that.



These are both suggestions we’ve seen a few times before, so thanks for letting us know you’re keen as well! Just to check, have you ever mentioned this to us in support ( It won’t go into my suggestions spreadsheets from the forum – alas, it’s proven too difficult to track the forum accurately for now, though I keep trying to figure out a good way to do so – but these are features I’m keen on too, so I’d like to be able to add your votes. :slight_smile:

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I sent a follow up email. Thanks

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