Getting randomly-timed pings via IFTTT

Can anyone think of a way to get randomly-timed pings via IFTTT? I’m thinking of some trigger channel that could be hacked to be vaguely TagTime-ish, for which you could use something like the SMS channel as the “then” channel. Any ideas?


If you have a server running, then TagTime itself can be used. Modify to do something that’s visible to IFTTT, like sending it an email. Implementation is left as an exercise for the reader.


You probably don’t want to use the SMS channel since you’re limited to 100 messages/month. Here’s the warning I got.

Hi olimay,
You have already sent 75 SMS messages this month. When IFTTT’s monthly limit of 100 SMS messages is reached, your Personal Recipes that send SMS messages will be paused. These Recipes will resume again on Wednesday, April 01, 2015.
5 of your Recipes send SMS messages.
You might consider editing your Personal Recipes that send SMS messages to manage the frequency at which they work.
— The IFTTT Team

I switched to the iOS notifications channel. There’s no limit on that, and I’d assume it’s the same for the Android notifications.


Thanks for the heads-up!
(And thanks to Philip, who I’ve also thanked elsewhere, for the tips.)

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