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Not getting notifications


Is anyone else not getting all of the notifications? I’m getting most, but not all. It seems to happen especially when I ignore a couple of pings; the third won’t come through. (E.g. if I’m working and just note that it pinged and keep working, intending to update when I’m done my current task.)

I’m new to Android and can’t tell if it’s the app or the phone (my guess is that it’s the latter), but I thought I’d check to see if anyone else has come across this. (I’ve made sure it’s not just that I’m not hearing them or that the phone’s silenced, etc. etc. etc.)

Thanks for any advice if anyone can point me in the direction of resolving it.

Android TagTime build or build instructions for latest update

Please try going into settings and disabling “battery optimizations” for the app.

Please report back whether this helps or not.



Thanks Adam. I’ll let you know if that changes it. (I should have specified that it was for the TagTime app, but I’ve disabled it for both apps, while I was in there.)


Everything’s been perfect since your suggestion. That did it. No more missed pings. Thanks!


I’d disabled battery optimizations for Tagtime but not Beeminder, and that had already massively improved things but I do still seem to not get notifications for every ping. Does anyone have any idea of why disabling battery optimizations for the Beeminder app should help too?


Disabling battery optimizations for Beeminder should have no effect on missing notifications from any other app, and vice versa. I misread the original, and I will actually go edit the original response of mine to make that clear.


How’s it working for you these days? Are you getting all of your ping notifications? Occasionally I think I’ve missed a ping because I wasn’t notified of it, but I’m never 100% sure if that’s what happened or if I just missed it, so I’m curious how it’s working for you now.