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What IFTTT recipes would you like?

Hi All,

IFTTT allows you to use as many recipes published from their integrations as you’d like on the free plan and so I thought I’d reach out to the forum group here and ask what IFTTT recipes you’d like to be able to use. Give me some ideas, I’ll toss up a poll in a couple of days, and I’ll put together the 3 ideas with the most votes up next week for you to use. (I’ll likely reiterate and add more after that, but I don’t want to promise more than I can deliver in a week!)

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Hi Mary,
first of all thanks for your ifttt recipes.

I am using the meta-beeminding script (if datapoint added to one goal, add a +1 to another goal).
The first goal in my case is a kind of project log. So with each added datapoint I document, what I worked on.
The second goal, which gets a +1 for every datapoint on my project log, is so to speak my guard.
I makes sure, that i work on the project daily and add at least one datapoint.
If i work a lot on the project, I might add 2 or 3 datapoints to the project log over the course of the day.

In this case however, the ifttt-script will run multiple times. The second goal then will be incremented more than by 1 per day. Therefore I would gain a lot of safety buffer, which defeats the purpose.
So can there be a modification, that would add exactly zero or 1 points to the second goal, but not more? In other words: The script should ignore any additional datapoint in 24 hours.