Gmail Zero road control

Have jumped on the Gmail Zero bandwagon.

My initial data point was 28, and I’m allowing myself 10 messages hovering around in my inbox.

Yesterday, in a fit of enthusiasm, I got myself down to zero (goes to show how easy it was!). Now my road is miles higher than where I am, and it won’t hit even my weak target of 10 emails until july next year (

I altered the goal date to next week and it dropped down to 10, but when I adjusted the end date back so the goal wouldn’t end next week it returned to the previous state.

From where I am now, how do I get the YBR to drop to 10 and stay there, with a far-future end date? Thanks!

My usual approach here is to set the actual rate to 0 and then use Take a break to adjust the road to the right level.


Interesting. I think I see how that would work, although it seems extremely unintuitive.

In the end I just created a new goal with the value I wanted. Because I’m now below that value it correctly draws the YBR as a straight line, rather than decreasing to it at a rate of -0.03 emails/day for 18 months!

So turns out the easiest solution was just delete and recreate the goal.

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The support folks are also able to fix these – and get you to a perfectly flat line again.