Keeping Gmail Zero there

I thought Gmail Zero would continue after the goal is reached (the pledge reads “get my Gmail inbox to xx Read messages and keep it there”) but the goal stopped upon reaching the target number and date. After unfreezing the yellow brick road is messed up… Is there a way to keep the target number indefinitely (so no goal date)?


You can’t actually make a goal without an end, but you can make the end date for the year 2040 or something. If you are still using Beeminder in 2039 then you can update the goal to end in 2100 or something. :smile:

If you email they can fix the yellow brick road for your unfrozen goal.

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Wouldn’t a far end date change the slope? I have tried to set the daily rate to 0 and then set the date, but it won’t let me.
Thanks for making me realize I will still be coping with my email at 95!

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You need to set the rate to something positive, then change the date, then change the rate back to zero again.

(:workaround: :sadness:)

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