Goal Date

Though I put a Goal date on 24.08.2067 the system calculates:
TARGET 2038-01-17.
Is there any limit for goal dates? They can not exceed 2038?
Happy New Year!

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If anything, this reveals some of the internal implementation of Beeminder, or their server infrastructure :slight_smile: 2038 is the endpoint for unix style timestamps/dates when they are stored in 32 bits. To allow beeminder to go beyond (using 64 bits will in practice take the dates to infinity), will probably be some work, most of it tedious and quite possibly errorprone, if not actually really difficult.

Of course, it is up to @dreev or @bee to say if this is something they plan to do something with now or later - eventually they’ll have to :smiley:

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Yup, we’re definitely going to fix this (sometime before 2038)! (:

(Really appreciate bug reports like this, btw. Anything that seems at all
fishy, we definitely want to hear about it.)


More specifically 2038 is the limit for signed dates, which means you can have dates with an end date before 1970…


I’ll remember that when I go time travelling!

Do you have any time horizon for solving this bug?

Removing the 2038 limit? It’s, um, “on our roadmap”? Do keep bugging us whenever it causes any annoyance and we’ll gradually bump it up the list. (For real, please don’t feel like you’re being a pest by bringing it up multiple times; that’s exactly the kind of feedback we need!)

Let me know when it happens to changes my goal date from 2038 to 2067.

What is the earliest date for removing the 2038 limit for snoozing the “reminder” on that date?

I find that a useful heuristic in making predictions about long-standing situations is to look at how long they’ve endured to date. This particular situation has endured within Beeminder since before our public launch 3.2 years ago, so I’d set my reminder for mid-2018.

Admittedly, that’s somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but A) it is a useful heuristic, and B) the more people that agitate for fixing something, the sooner it’ll happen. Anyone who’s similarly bothered that they can’t specify a goal that ends on their 80th birthday, please be vocal. It really does help prioritise fixes & features.


Is it a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2038_problem?

Yeah. We’ve gotten other feedback in the meantime that it can be a little demotivating if you’re excited to set up a goal for the next 50 years to have Beeminder not let you. This is also related to work we’re doing on making goal end dates not be such a mess, and probably defaulting to open-ended goals with no explicit end date at all.


The goal dates are good if they are not limited.
You have 8390 days left to solve this problem.