Goal to input length of a recorded video in Beeminder

Hey all,

I am trying to set up a goal where I work on public speaking and confidence . The goal requires me to record a video of myself either giving a small talk or working on any area of social conversations.

I wanted to know if there is any way to automate the goal so that duration of the video gets logged as the input for the beeminder goal.

Currently I am using Zapier, IFTTT and Rescue Time integrations with my other goals.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hey Sails,

For things like this I usually try a simpler goal first, manually entering a +1 on days that I actually do the thing. The minutes often take care of themselves.

How are you taking the video? That might give folks more ideas about how to automate it.

If it ends up on your computer through the magic of Dropbox or iCloud, you might be able to use something like Hazel to automate a script that extracts the length and adds a datapoint to Beeminder.

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Hey @philip

I sort of figured this one out today in the morning. I set up a goal with Rescue time to log the data from a specific app which using which I record a video.

The time spent on the video sort of equates to the length of the video.

I really dunno if this is an effective way or not, I am doing a test run to see, how effective it is.

Thanks for the reply.



Ps: The app is on my android phone. I forgot to add that.

That sounds like a good approximation to me. Thanks for sharing.