Rescuetime Goals in Beeminder

Is it possible to add Rescuetime goals (from RescueTime itself) into Beeminder? At the end of the day, if the goal is successful then +1 is added to the Beeminder goal.

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No but that’s a cool idea!

Although my philosophy is that actual amount of time makes for a better metric to beemind. See

Can you do it through IFTTT?

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@adamwolf I’m not an expert at IFTTT, but it doesn’t seem possible unfortunately.

@dreev Yes, actual amount of time is better is many cases. I would like to be more productive in the morning. The best way would be then to input the amount of productive time logged in the morning. It doesn’t seem possible (unless I’m wrong?). It is however possible to add a time filter in Rescuetime goals (like more than 2 hours every morning).

For another goal, I would like to work out 5 times a week. The duration of my workout is timed through a timer app and is between 15 mins and 1 hour. My focus is more about consistency than amount of time. My thought was feeding Beeminder with a Rescuetime goal (success if timer app use is more than 10 mins), but maybe it’s possible with a custom goal.

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this portion of thread is a few months old, but might’ve accomplished something similar to what you want? it seems like the RT goals can trigger RT alerts, and those can be used as IFTTT triggers to a beeminder goal.


You could set the aggregation method of a custom goal to nonzero and that’ll count a 1 for any day that has at least one timed entry.

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