Goals [whether it's true you get more free goals by making forum posts; answer: no]

i has create a post and dont receive the goal

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Hi! It sounds like you were expecting to get an extra free Beeminder goal for posting in the forum – is that right? It’s a potential future feature, but not something that is actually implemented yet, so that’s why it didn’t work. It’s really valuable to hear that that tripped you up, though; it’s always handy to know when something was unclear. Do you remember where you read about it, so we can look back and try to make sure things are clear?

If you’re looking for free goals, then there are currently two ways: you can send the Beeminder support team feedback about Beeminder, and we’ll add a new goal or two once we read your email (it’s not automatic!), or you get a new goal for everyone every time you pay for a derailment on one of your goals. There’s a bit more info in our help docs!


Oh my, I guess we’re crossing that idea off the list!