Should I feel bad about using the "More Free Goals Please" feature?

Went to add my 3rd goal and I saw that I needed to upgrade my account… except wait, I can just say I want more for free? I’m becoming a bigger fan of Beeminder every day, if you guys wrote a business book on customer service/experience I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Anyway, I don’t need more free goals to know that I’m a raving fan of Beeminder, is that the only reason I should be using those? Is it more ethical to just upgrade right away? I feel pretty cheap for even asking this question, but part of it is curiosity in your revolutionary and awesome business practices.

If I should buy a premium account, I’m completely willing to do that. Just wondering how this works.

P.S. I told my mother about Beeminder and she’s derailed at least twice already in her first week or two, so you’ve gotten some money from her haha.


:heart: Thank you so much for the kind words and for, y’know, thinking in terms of what’s most generally pro-social! Seriously, I love it. (Also for getting your mom on board!)

The more-free-goals button is just a way for us to get a sense of how reluctant people are feeling about ponying up. It prompts you to say why you’re asking for more free goals so if you give us a sense of your thought process (kind of like you’ve done here, publicly, which is even more valuable!) then that’s really good feedback for us and you shouldn’t feel remotely guilty.

(Happy to delve further into this question from a business perspective as well but I better leave it there for now.)


I was in the same situation shortly after I started beeminding about a year and a half ago. The “premium” feature I needed most was more goals and I think I probably used the “more free goals” thing at least once.

But I was hooked so quickly (by the functionality, but also, probably mostly, by this forum and the community) that I went on to get a lifetime subscription and I haven’t regretted it at all - even in times when I was beeminding less. Totally worth it.

From reading your question, @gremlinbrawler I think you should just go by feel. Use the free goals as long as you feel comfortable and when you get to a point where you know it doesn’t feel right, just sign up. In the end, if Beeminder helps you being happier/more productive/better in general you probably want it to survive and thrive and feel good with a subscription. :slight_smile:

[Edit: Fixed typos and missing words. I probably should beemind bedtime/sleep.]