graph interpretation: intensity of yellow shade

so i just updated my commitment on my duolingo goal by a lot (150 to 500 xp per day).

one thing that slightly baffles me is that i don’t really see that big an increase in the bright red line. (i would have expected it to look more like the sometimes-ratcheted-data-point-increase of the past few weeks.)

but the thing that baffles me most and which prompted me to make this post is that the yellow shaded side of the goal suddenly got A Lot more yellow shaded, and i’m wondering why that is / if the different intensity yellow shades have any meaning / what that could be / etc.

reference image of the current first row of my goals, where you can see the incredibly sunny “dj” amongst some other less-yellow-shaded goals:

(i would understand it if i had an unreasonable amount of buffer on my duolingo goal, but i also just ratcheted it down to only three days, which is less than the two goals further on the right have, so … *question mark*)


Thanks for mentioning the confusion – always useful to hear when something trips someone up. As far the lack of increase goes, my bet would be that you have graph rows already scheduled at the old rate (e.g. with a break set sometime in the future), and either forgot about that or missed/didn’t understand the warning about that on the commitment dial:

"Dialing your red line means changing your commitment starting a week from now.
This will adjust the final segment of your red line graph, so if you already have graph changes upcoming, you might want to use the more powerful graph editor to make changes to your commitment.

Does that make more sense now? (It’d be useful to hear about whether you just thought this didn’t apply, forgot you had a break planned, etc!)

@dreev is a better guide for anything to do with how the graphs look, but my bet would be that the change in commitment has changed the logic about how far apart the yellow guide lines should be (by analogy with the change in where the other guide lines should be relative to each other).

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Yes, the change in shade is an emergent phenomenon, see Minding my goals (ian's corner) - #22 by ianminds and the next few posts. Only the solid shading has a defined meaning.

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yup, that was it! i had some weird break things scheduled which had been accidental, i think, but now i’ve fixed that all with the editor, i think!

i don’t remember exactly where i got this from, but i was also under the impression that the akrasia horizon only applies to making changes easier—upping the minimum on a do-more-goal definitely makes a goal harder, so i had also assumed that the akrasia horizon wouldn’t apply in this case, but it still does. (i don’t have a subscription, i think the fancy graph editor would let me negate the akrasia horizon in this case?)

thank you for the reminder and the link! according to my likes in that thread i had already read all these posts and just forgot about them … :see_no_evil: guess i’m the type of person who learns best by own experience.^^
good to know that the shading doesn’t really have a meaning! i’ll just get used to a super sunny duolingo goal XD

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You are correct on both counts: the akrasia horizon applies to all goal changes by default, but the fancy editor lets you sneak past it if you’re making your goal harder.

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