Duolingo double courses for same language issue

Hi guys!

Look at my hurn/spanish graph: he is going up and down however Duolingo points can’t go down :slight_smile: The reason is my hurn/spanish goal is about learning Spanish and I do it using two different courses at same time: one is Spanish from Russian and another is Spanish from English. Last one is my favorite so their poins amount is bigger than the first one. But during goal creation you ask only about target language, not the specific course. So we see such behavior: each time I got some new Spanish points from “English->Spanish” course my graph rise up, but during “Auto-Entered” statistics collect you guys using the “Russian->Spanish” course data only. Can we fix it somehow? Also it will be nice to have some “Duolingo general” goal which summarize all point regardless of course. Last solution is also suits me. Thank you for your work.


Yikes! Thanks for spotting this and diagnosing the problem too.

Doubling up sounds like an excellent way to learn a language though. (I used to use the Dutch->English mode in duolingo before English->Dutch became available.)

In the meantime, I’ve set your graph so that it’ll count the highest point value on each day. In your case, this might mean that on any day that you study Russian->Spanish you’ll also have to do a lesson in English->Spanish. It’s probably worse than that, from what you’ve described, but I hope that this temporary fix works until we can do something more permanent…

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