Gratitude journaling together

  1. Mashed potatoes with leeks.
  2. Clean sheets.
  3. A cat purring.
  1. At work, the requirements for a large job were changed and it’s now a noticeably smaller job.
  2. Stone fruit are in season.
  3. The park behind my house.
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  1. Playing with Finch, a self-care app where you can complete goals/reflections/breathing exercises/etc in order to help a little bird grow. It’s cute; I don’t know if I’ll stick with it, but it’s nice to see this kind of thing out there. My invite code is 99ADS57EQG if you want to try it and help me get rainbow stones to get my finch a cute lil winter sweater…
  2. Finally starting to read The Untold Story by Genevieve Cogman, and it’s exactly the kind of book I wanted to tuck into right now.
  3. The UK are accelerating access for booster vaccines, so I will either be getting mine at a walk-in this weekend or getting it via an appointment on the 23rd.
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  1. Able to focus today despite being on 4h of sleep.
  2. A compliment on my work.
  3. Using my freshly-bought coffee and measuring spoon.
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  1. I was awake to see the sunrise.
  2. I had some interesting tasks at work today.
  3. Mangoes.
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  1. Oatmeal.
  2. A sparse inbox.
  3. A laundry backlog gone.
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  1. Had a chat with my dad today.
  2. Mum gave us a few better masks so we can wear something with better filtration when we’re at the walk-in clinic.
  3. This AITA post and update just… made me laugh.
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  1. A Christmas morning tea at work.
  2. Seeing a small flock of ducks resting on a sandbank in the river.
  3. Finding an unoccupied meeting room when I needed some quiet time in the office today.
  1. Wiki’s.
  2. Being in good health.
  3. ActivityWatch.
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  1. The smell of freshly cooked porridge.
  2. Feeding an over-ripe banana to a lizard and scrub turkey.
  3. Today’s vegetable delivery had a bag of cherry tomatoes of different sizes and colours. All so cute and tiny!
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  1. Jeremy cooked lunch for me.
  2. Coffee.
  3. I wasn’t feeling well overnight but I’m recovered now.
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  1. A cozy nook.
  2. Sleeping out.
  3. Going through a book I borrowed ages ago at double speed, in time for returning it at Christmas.
  1. A Postcrossing member sent me a postcard as a thank you to the Postcrossing HQ PO box. So grateful to them for going the extra mile to show gratitude, and to Ana for taking pictures of it for me so I could see!
  2. I have a bunch of symptoms and they aren’t nice, like my acid reflux, but it’s my body telling me that I’m stressed and I need to slow down, and I’m grateful for that.
  3. Lisa indulged me this evening and we started doing a quest line on FFXIV that gives us a bunch of new dungeons. I love doing dungeons!
  1. A nice day out.
  2. Some shopping, but not a lot of actual buying.
  3. Got some Christmas trees!
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  1. There’s a new young lizard in the garden! I think it’s a couple of years old but I haven’t seen it before now (they can hide well of course when they’re small).
  2. A capsicum that had a cute tiny second capsicum growing out from its stalk.
  3. I went with a friend to visit his friends and got on well with them and their two cats, who usually don’t like strangers.
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  1. This five-minute sleight of hand sequence
  2. This deer scoring a soccer goal and being delighted with itself
  3. Hanging out at a friend’s place for an afternoon.
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  1. Had my booster shot yesterday!
  2. Two people we got friendly with on Final Fantasy XIV left our free company, but we’re still in touch and did some stuff together yesterday. It’s really nice.
  3. Managed to figure out how to take it easy on studying today, by finding some lectures to watch.
  1. Plans to take easier this week.
  2. Nearly time to give people all their presents!
  3. I know my wife is planning to spoil me silly.
  1. I’m on holidays for three weeks!
  2. I happened to finish some shopping just in time to catch a once-an-hour bus home.
  3. Cold roast chicken.
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  1. Last-minute Christmas trees.
  2. A homemade cake.
  3. No meetings at work.
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