Gratitude journaling together

  1. Visited a family member after dragging my feet for far too long (thanks BM!). Got no bad vibes at all for basically ghosting them for months at a time.
  2. Met a young baby.
  3. A dinner with family.

All of these, along with a checkup at the doctor’s for something that had been bugging me for way too long and the peace of mind that came with it, are exactly the types of things that are easily postponed due to covid. But they are also exactly what we shouldn’t postpone (as long as they’re safe/socially-distant/allowed).

  1. The recruitment process that we’ve been going through at work has finished and my two favourite candidates will be joining our team!
  2. A manager that we very much don’t like has taken a temporary position elsewhere for several weeks.
  3. Some kernel updates on servers went smoothly today.
  1. Food cooking in the oven, smelling so good.
  2. Jeremy did a huge cleanup today (again!). There’s a lot more space now in the room that I work-from-home in.
  3. Fresh dates - the chocolate of the fruit world.
  1. Lisa just made me oatmeal! I’ve been eating it a lot lately because it sticks to your ribs and I needed that to help me recover.
  2. The release day problems on FFXIV seem to be evening out. A lot of people want to play, of course, but but we didn’t have so much technical trouble with queueing up to log on, yesterday.
  3. I enjoy the wind/rain lashing against our windows (though hopefully it won’t take the power out).
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  1. A baby possum fell out of a tree and Jeremy found it before harm came to it and before it got wet in the rain. It’s old enough to survive without its mother as long as it’s somewhere safe and warm.
  2. Some things that I bought online for presents have arrived and they’re quite nice! I was a bit concerned that the advertisements might have been unduly exagerated.
  3. Sultanas.
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Ah, another Advent of Code adventurer! How are you getting on with it? Maybe we should start a private leaderboard for Beeminders?

  1. Sorted through health insurance nightmare and all needed medications have now been refilled.
  2. Finally made a “closing duties” list for my son so that we can (hopefully) get bed time back on track.
  3. Sucessfully gave my daughter her Dupixent shot at home with a minimum of tears and a reasonable amount of bribing.
  1. The baby possum is back with its mother. Jeremy took it outside in the early morning, after the rain had stopped. It screeched until its mother came down from the trees to collect it.
  2. Weekends.
  3. Washing machines.
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  1. A fun night out with just myself.
  2. Sleep and recovering from a bit of a sleep deficit.
  3. Another book in the mail.

Not a bad idea, but I’m going through the backlog of past editions at a rate of 3/week. The idea is to catch up by November 2022. :slight_smile: I couldn’t help myself, though, and also did a couple of this year’s edition.

ETA: How is yours going?

  1. Some stuff I was keen to do seems likely to work out.
  2. Had time to have a bath today, which was nice and calming.
  3. I think my wisdom teeth are settling down again (whew), but if not, then it turns out my health insurance covers extraction, if it’s slow on the NHS.
  4. My mum took some time to talk me through something difficult.
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  1. Pet two cats.
  2. Bought some fancy coffee.
  3. Found a pretty good spot to work out-of-the-home.
  1. A small family gathering at a nice cafe.
  2. One of the best lamingtons I’ve ever had.
  3. A cooling breeze has been blowing all day.
  1. Mashed potatoes with leeks.
  2. Clean sheets.
  3. A cat purring.
  1. At work, the requirements for a large job were changed and it’s now a noticeably smaller job.
  2. Stone fruit are in season.
  3. The park behind my house.
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  1. Playing with Finch, a self-care app where you can complete goals/reflections/breathing exercises/etc in order to help a little bird grow. It’s cute; I don’t know if I’ll stick with it, but it’s nice to see this kind of thing out there. My invite code is 99ADS57EQG if you want to try it and help me get rainbow stones to get my finch a cute lil winter sweater…
  2. Finally starting to read The Untold Story by Genevieve Cogman, and it’s exactly the kind of book I wanted to tuck into right now.
  3. The UK are accelerating access for booster vaccines, so I will either be getting mine at a walk-in this weekend or getting it via an appointment on the 23rd.
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  1. Able to focus today despite being on 4h of sleep.
  2. A compliment on my work.
  3. Using my freshly-bought coffee and measuring spoon.
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  1. I was awake to see the sunrise.
  2. I had some interesting tasks at work today.
  3. Mangoes.
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  1. Oatmeal.
  2. A sparse inbox.
  3. A laundry backlog gone.
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  1. Had a chat with my dad today.
  2. Mum gave us a few better masks so we can wear something with better filtration when we’re at the walk-in clinic.
  3. This AITA post and update just… made me laugh.
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  1. A Christmas morning tea at work.
  2. Seeing a small flock of ducks resting on a sandbank in the river.
  3. Finding an unoccupied meeting room when I needed some quiet time in the office today.