Gratitude journaling together

@sheik yay, great that i’ve inspired you! :D and thank you for the wishes!

  1. i’m grateful for the newest update of thanks, i’m good. the creator hid a birthday cake for me in the episode, because i told them that it would (almost) be a birthday episode for me! :D it’s also such a wholesome and fun episode!
  2. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful that i’ve started occasionally drafting these gratitudes during the day. i always post them before making my way to bed, but sometimes it’s nice not having to pull three completely new things out of my brainwaves at night (especially when i’m tired), so it’s great that i’ve started taking notes here during the day, when a gratitude happens, which i then only have to expand on when writing this post. :)
  3. a general-world-gratitude that i’ll keep to myself for personal reasons.
  1. Woke up in a very cosy curled up spot in bed. Some days it’s the small things.
  2. There’ll be rugby this weekend.
  3. Friends who will talk out problems.
  1. Sunny day - the bright blue sky opens my heart :slight_smile:
  2. Got back to meditation
  3. Looking forward to a nice dinner with a new friend this evening
  1. SGQ: I made focaccia and it’s super good and I love baking :slight_smile:
  2. There’s an ice storm in Austin but I still have power and heat and the ice is beautiful.
  3. My dog is having a lovely time with the cold. He loves to munch on ice!
  1. Getting ready today, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror, and instead of being annoyed, fussy, or apathetic about my body shape, I actually felt like I’m doing pretty damn well for a guy who’s almost 40 and always liked math, books, philosophy, and anime a lot more than sports or athletics…
  2. At least one of the interventions I’m trying out seems to be having a noticable effect on my sleep quality! (don’t know what yet, but natural “experiments” will happen eventually)
  3. Even if I might feel differently a few days from now, and even though I might feel kinda bad some days along the way, today I feel confident in my ability to forgo some material and social comforts over the long term to pursue things that are meaningful.
  4. My brother found this classic PhD Comic useful in understanding and explaining the current health hype-o-sphere.
  5. Have returned to feeling content, rather than just ‘accepting’ with my height (apparently 7th percentile for adult males in the US), which also means the influence of previous socially rooted worries is abating.
  1. self-gratitude-quota: i’m very grateful to myself that i started working on my ndu application today! this application requires me to create 3-4 creative things + a bigger thing until summer-ish. this is for something i want to do (an additional one-year uni-course starting september (?)) rather than something i have to do. while i’ve told people about my intentions and it would thus be Slightly Embarrassing to admit i didn’t do it after all, it still wouldn’t be That Big A Deal. so me starting on Thing One today, on a whim, without any pre-determined intention of doing so, was A Very Big Deal! i was so happy i did it, and i know i need to keep the momentum going, so i created a new beeminder goal for it :D fingers crossed! ;)
  2. i’m grateful for spending a fun evening with my flatmate. i guess this comes up a lot here, but he’s really dear to my heart, and we did have a lot of fun again tonight. i’m grateful that we consistently can make each other laugh, and that we can talk about anything.
  3. i’m grateful that i drafted my next post in enbee’s entries. it’s not nearly halfway done yet, needs tons of structure and content and polish, but a big chunk got done today, which is great! i don’t have a deadline for posting there, but since i’m still at the very beginning of my beeminder (journal) journey, i should probably keep the intervals as short as i can—if not, the posts will get even longer and even more convoluted, because i’ll have more things to say that i haven’t said before and that thus Need Much More Space XD
  1. SGQ: I finally started grading my days more objectively, and I also let myself oversleep this morning for $5 :money_with_wings::sleeping:
  2. My client gave me interesting work for the week :zap::brain:
  3. We ate sushi yesterday evening
  4. My perfume smells good
  5. I’m starting to get good at basic makeup (if you’re a man and you’ve been on the fence of starting to wear makeup, I can recommend a mix of “BB cream” and “Clinique, even better, clinical” - it will make you look 25 years younger but without the acne) (get advices from girls because there are really weird ways to mess up, lol) (this applies to you if you’re a girl too)
  1. My stomach settled down a bit. Still feels awful, not as awful.
  2. Playing with an interesting writing idea.
  3. Being able to ping other people to help when I feel unwell.
  1. I recognize my body seems to have relatively strong and harder to override feedback against behaviors that will harm my health — maybe I’ve gotten less “done” over the years, but I’m healthier than I would otherwise be.
  2. My coworking group.
  3. Being patient enough this week with finding a way to base growing my work capacity on adequate recovery, instead of forcing quotas to get to reliable progress immediately (e.g. just slamming down three goals for +120 min/day each :laughing:)
  1. i’m grateful work didn’t stress or annoy me to bits today.
  2. self-gratitutde-quota: i’m grateful i’ll be in bed considerably earlier than yesterday. (probably even before 1 a.m.; yay!)
  3. i’m grateful for today’s therapy session. it reminded me of a few friends which i haven’t seen in a while and will see again on saturday, which i very much look forward to. talking about one friend in particular kind of transferred his always-positive-and-happy-energy a bit over to me, in that moment, which was very nice. <3
  1. Despite interpersonal stuff, should still be meeting with a group this evening to try some new hard content on FFXIV.
  2. Music while I work. I kept forgetting to charge my earbuds, recently; glad I remembered now.
  3. “Lazy” day, in that it’s a normal work day but I stayed wrapped up in my PJs and dressing gown because I don’t feel well.
  1. Average mood has improved so much over the past three months without me noticing it. I much more readily attribute “I’m tired today” than I do “I’m depressed today” for low energy states.
  2. Unlike a lot of my relatives, I somehow never became (pre)diabetic even when I put on a lot of weight in my late 20’s.
  3. My goals are all green except for the two I just ratcheted.
  4. Fridays and weekends have become meaningful again for me, instead of being arbitrary day labels.
  5. Tabletop session tomorrow.
  6. I see how my life experiences as a whole, even including the bad or difficult ones, have contributed to me being very future oriented, and very very not past oriented.
  1. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful to myself for having exchanged all my bedding today. i did it a few hours ago, so it’s already done now. i can simply fall into bed and i don’t have to deal with any covers anymore; ideal!
  2. i’m grateful for the film kiki’s delivery service. rewatched it just now, because i needed a comfort film, and it did have the desired effect (making me non-anxious). most of the dialogue was lost on me this time, because i watched it in japanese with japanese subtitles, but i did understand a few words and sentences here and there, which makes me very happy!
  3. i’m grateful that beeminder is doing its job for me, for now! i’ve started to manually ratchet my steps goal to 0 safe days each morning*, so today i spent quite a few minutes shuffling up and down the flat in order to still meet my goal! yay!
  • since it’s a garmin autodata goal, it resets every midnight, and so far i always ratcheted it shortly after midnight, so not technically in the morning XP
  • i’ve only started the manual ratcheting a few days ago, so it’s not even been a full week yet, so i’m kind of hesitant actually to say things like “each morning,” especially because …
  • i just ratcheted it to 1 instead of 0 safety days for tomorrow XP this is because i’ll have my birthday party tomorrow, and as established, birthdays are lazy days for me (and yes, birthday party days count, too XP) i’ll likely get to 5 000 steps anyway, because i still need to do a bunch of cleaning, and then we’ll go to dinner at night (although to a place really close to where i live), but the point is, i don’t want to come-what-may force myself to do 5 000 steps / wouldn’t want to punish myself for not making it, in case i don’t.

if you’ve read this far, you get a free observation! (this isn’t a technicality anymore, but it also doesn’t fit the gratitudes-vibe exactly, so it seems fitting to keep it hidden under the tag as well XD) anyway, free observation: i like the flexibility of manually ratcheting things! i guess this only works if i’m honest enough with myself and absolutely do it regularly … but so far, it’s been working!

  1. I’m spending a few days with family in a different city and am having a lovely time.
  2. I caught a train instead of a plane to minimise emissions and the train trip was comfortable and relaxing.
  3. My family liked the presents I brought for them, and the children were very enthusiastic about craft kits.
  1. SGQ: Even though I was tired, I took my dog to the park and he had a nice time.
  2. I had today off to prep for my snowboard trip (and all of next week to go on it).
  3. The sellers of the house we’re trying to buy accepted our counter offer.
  1. Getting to do things in London for a couple of weeks is great - even though I like my “country mouse” life, I do like being a “town mouse” sometimes, too!
  2. My sister-in-law, for welcoming us to her London flat.
  3. A new goal I started recently is still holding well.
  1. Wales v Ireland today. It should be interesting to see how the side has changed with Gatland back in charge.
  2. My group on FFXIV cleared what the community calls EX1 last night without too much trouble. Which makes sense, it’s not as hard as EX4 (which we previously struggled with but eventually cleared)… but it was nice.
  3. Dinner with my parents later. Lisa’s making it, so we get to give Dad a break. Always nice.
  1. SGQ: I made my bed, took even though I really didn’t want to. But when I was in my bed, I was super grateful!
  2. Someone being nice to me
  3. Mood is slightly better today.
  1. self-gratitude-quota: i’m grateful i did a more thorough than usual cleaning today.
  2. i’m grateful that everyone came to my party.
  3. i’m grateful that i can sleep in tomorrow, more or less.
  1. The view from this window with the trees - bare in winter, but sort-of architectural and sculptural and beautiful
  2. Went to Eltham Palace yesterday, which is an amazing 1930s time capsule, with gorgeous wood veneer everywhere, and period pieces galore
  3. Google Maps makes all these multi-modal journeys so easy, with buses and trains and walking all beautifully connected up, in a way that is so sci-fi it’s hard to hold onto quite how amazing it actually is