Gratitude journaling together

  1. I managed to finish my studying this week so I don’t have to study over the weekend. Next week is gonna be intense and I probably will have to study at the weekend, since I didn’t manage to get ahead at all this week, but that is next week’s problem.
  2. Having way too much fun packing presents for Lisa’s “advent calendar”.
  3. It’s Friday!
  1. A friend told me “you don’t have to be perfect to be awesome”.
  2. A pleasant chat on the phone with a company I had called to make a purchase.
  3. I saw a small flock of galahs in the park, foraging in the grass. They let me get quite close to have a good look at their pretty colour.
  1. having friends
  2. having phone
  3. using phone to call friend → guilt-free procrastination
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  1. A lyrebird (an Australian mimic) at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney has learnt to copy a fire alarm, including the human voiceover. The video in this article has the sound starting at about 17 seconds. It’s quite remarkable!
  2. The lion escape mentioned briefly in that article involved the lions wandering around calmly and then being recaptured gently with no animals or people hurt.
  3. Back when we thought the lyrebird’s alarm was related to the lion escape, the person who shared an earlier article described it as “Lyin’ lyrebird lies about line of lions.” It’s been amusing me for days. :laughing:
  1. Quiet weekend.
  2. Plans today have changed in a way which is actually convenient.
  3. Starting the week with studying something different after having to be all viral infections all the time last week to keep up.
  1. Lamb chops.
  2. This short video of gorgeous silver pheasants flying.
  3. Jeremy saw a green tree snake (harmless) in the garden today. I haven’t seen one for years so it’s good to know they are still there.
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  1. Jeremy bought me another dragon statue. This one is a little smaller than the others - a teenager! - and is a pretty copper colour.
  2. Friends being supportive.
  3. An easy day at work.
  1. Plans to stay in touch with certain friends if things go awry.
  2. My electric throw blanket when I’m feeling cold.
  3. Focusmate, when I really didn’t wanna study.
  1. I had to buy luxury chocolates for a present for the weekend so I bought some for myself too.
  2. The native ibis has learnt how to safely eat poisonous invasive cane toads.
  3. Jeremy made pumpkin scones.
  1. I think I can work out how to finish this session of my class so I won’t have to study over the weekend. I think. Even if I do have to study over the weekend, I should be able to minimise the amount of time I need to spend.
  2. One of my fellow Habitica mods found something awesome that I ended up buying for Lisa for Christmas. Unfortunately I can’t share here as it’s just possible Lisa will read it. Suffice it to say, it’s pretty cool.
  3. Seeing lots of support for the Royal Mail worker strikes.
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  1. The #WaterfallWednesday and #Mosstodon (moss!) tags in Mastodon. The photos are so pretty.
  2. This reddit post about pet ducks being taken to a game shop and being fascinated by a robot dinosaur toy.
  3. Butcherbirds visited today for the first time in weeks.
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  1. The bunnies always delight people on Focusmate. Even if they’re only with me on camera because they were misbehaving.
  2. I have learned interesting new things, like the fact that coronaviruses are one of the only kinds of RNA-based virus that include a proofreading step in their replication. It’s why they have comparatively few mutations compared to other RNA viruses. (However, they readily recombine with other viruses, so that’s why they create new variants so regularly.)
  3. I’m covering a shift tonight, so I got to stay in bed (warm, toasty and reading a book) a bit longer this morning.
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  1. A shower after heavy garden work.
  2. The refreshing feeling of a breeze on clean skin.
  3. Jeremy is going to a fancy dress party that has a medical theme, so masks to protect against covid will be in theme and widespread.
  1. With a liiiittle extra work and a short lunch break today, I have finished studying and kept up with the required pace for this week. Oof.
  2. The next section looks shorter and easier to tackle. I do need to do two sections next week… but still, it feels a bit less of a mammoth task.
  3. We appear to have faster internet now!
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  1. Was able to help someone who needed it.
  2. Biscuit felt like cuddling this morning.
  3. Friend had an operation and sounds like it went OK.
  1. My cousin’s birthday party.
  2. Catching up with family, some whom I haven’t seen for a long time.
  3. Meeting a new person and making friends.
  1. Some rain taking away the heat of the day.
  2. The smells from the kitchen as Jeremy cooks.
  3. This cute Self-care Bingo card from our state’s health department. I like that includes things that might not be fun but are good for you, as well as purely enjoyable things.
  1. Grandma’s having her cataract operation this week.
  2. It’s Advent, so out comes the Christmas playlist. (We’re talking mostly traditional Christmas carols, rather than “All I Want For Christmas”, though Thea Gilmore’s Christmas album is in there.)
  3. Dad’s getting Lisa something that was a bit expensive for me to add to my plans.
  1. A rainbow lorikeet just outside the kitchen window.
  2. Jeremy has perfected his jam tart recipe.
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  1. I have mostly managed to sort out the logistical problems with Lisa’s advent calendar.
  2. We’re close to 2022 posts in this thread, which will mildly amuse me.
  3. People on Habitica love the New Year Countdown challenges I’ve run each year.