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Gratitude journaling together

  1. The surprisingly friendly cafe waiter.
  2. Just books.
  3. Having my own schedule.
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  1. My morning routine holds up well even when I need to leave the house early. I’m proud of myself for keeping to it and that doesn’t happen often. :slight_smile:
  2. I worked in the office yesterday with two other workmates (usually there’s a dozen of us in the room) and it was nice to see them.
  3. We’re still allowed to work from home as much as we want (with only the suggestion of one careful day a week in the office each).
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  1. Flowers
  2. The magic and chemistry of cooking
  3. The fact that guitars are everywhere! What a wonderful thing. I wish it also happened with pianos, but size doesn’t help.
  1. Negative COVID tests!
  2. Accordingly, I have stopped quarantining myself from the bunnies, and they are very, very affectionate.
  3. Listening to the Lord Peter Wimsey radioplays. :blue_heart:
  1. It’s a warm sunny morning.
  2. The Transit app for public transport. It has several nice features.
  3. The scrub turkeys in my garden eat termites.
  1. Probably letting my wife out of quarantine today.
  2. In the meantime though I have been sleeping under a duvet with a cover made for me by my mother, with hippos all over it, and it has been nice.
  3. The problem I was taking antibiotics for does seem to have at least eased a bit.
  1. The bedroom is oriented so that the Sun gets in every morning. Lucky me.
  2. A copywriter friend did a surprise review of one of my websites, which turned out to be very useful.
  3. People who dance folkloric dances.
  1. Our local vet is good and a short walk from my place (even walkable while carrying a small cat).
  2. I had morning tea at a cafe hidden in the suburb two blocks from my place. They take social disancing seriously AND also take tea brewing seriously - they even asked if I prefer it weak or strong, then brought the pot out to me when it was ready with the leaves removed. The teacup and saucer were charming.
  3. My muscles are slightly sore from my workout yesterday which is a feeling I love because it reminds me throughout the day that I did well and am getting stronger.
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Is the kitty OK?

  1. Attempted stargazing last night didn’t really work because the cloud forecast was wrong (i.e. there were clouds), but on the bright side (well, not really, haha I’m so funny) we checked out two different dark sky sites and one of them will be ideal for a pretty panoramic view in future.
  2. Last night we were at a place called Blubberhouses. Not a good dark sky spot, alas, but the name is hilarious to me.
  3. My wife can never remember how the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries work out, which means even though I think this is the third or fourth time we’re listening to the Clouds of Witness radioplay, she’s puzzled. It helps make it new again for me, even though it must be my 7th or 8th listen (and umpteenth read).
  4. Now my wife is out of quarantine, I can say “doodoodoo?” plaintively* and receive a topup of my Pepsi instead of having to get it my darn self.

* It’s a long story. We’ve been together 14 years, we have a lot of those long stories. Basically, at one point I used to hum a couple of bars of the Hymn of the Fayth when I wanted a drink, I forget why. It degenerated to one bar and then to “doo-doo-doo-doo” in the right rhythm… and now it’s just a flat “doodoodoo”.

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Kitty is fine! She didn’t even have to go to the vet on this trip. I was just collecting some tablets for a minor skin allergy she gets.

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  1. @shanaqui making me llol at “but on the bright side (well, not really, haha I’m so funny)”
  2. I also lol’d at @shanaqui’s previous gratitude entry of “probably letting my wife out of quarantine today” because at first I read it as like “gratitude entry: probably the fact that I’m letting my wife out of quarantine today” i.e. with the “probably” being about whether it counted as a thing to be grateful for. I’ve now overexplained this. It was funny in my head, ok?
  3. How brilliantly @shanaqui pushes back against weaseliness in support and turns support requests upside-down to always keep everything focused on how Beeminder can become better (long story, but the original idea is in and we’ve been gradually turning “upside-down support” into a unifying support principle which probably wants blogged about again, come to think of it).

I might be cheating here because this is clearly a single gratitude entry, namely :star_struck: SHANAQUI :star_struck:

  1. Watermelon
  2. Vegemite sandwiches
  3. Coffee
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  1. We have seen a number of hedgehogs and a fox during our late night stargazing attempts. Also, last night’s trip was pretty successful; there was very little cloud cover, and while we’ve missed our chance to see NEOWISE, we got some practice using my dad’s binoculars in conjunction with Google Sky View to find consellations. And planets! Looking at Jupiter last night reminded me how incomprehensibly far away even the planets of our solar system are. Whoa.
  2. Silly conversations in fandom. I love how deeply important it can be to fans that a character would or wouldn’t have done this or that for X reason. I don’t always agree, but it’s always interesting how passionately humans can feel about fictional characters! :blue_heart:
  3. Planning to binge-read a book today, just cause. (John Scalzi’s Lock In – it’s a reread, and his books are always so binge-readable.)
  1. The Umbrella Academy season 2. I haven’t finished it yet but it’s great so far.
  2. I’ve changed my window manager from the Ubuntu standard to xfce4 and it’s more customisable.
  3. I did some coding on the weekend that I thought would be annoying but it actually turned out to be interesting.
  1. Parcel from Portal Bookshop, with some books I ordered… and a bonus non-binary flag.
  2. My birthday giveaway is ticking along well.
  3. I haven’t listened to Loreena McKennitt in ages, and I don’t love all the songs as much as I used to, but one or two are stuck in my head and the fond familiarity is nice.
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  1. Indian take-away for dinner
  2. Red wine
  3. Port
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  1. The bunnies were showing signs of someone having an upset tummy, but they’re all okay today.
  2. Alys. For all kinds of reasons, but mostly right now for having introduced me to the folks at Beeminder in the first place. :blue_heart:
  3. A surprise package with a book today. :smiley:

Oh John Scalzi is so good, have you read his short story compilation “Miniatures”? The funniest sci-fi I’ve ever read.

  1. The technical library.
  2. The fact that even the poorest around us have more than anyone could dream of a few centuries ago.
  3. And well, why not, John Scalzi!
  1. Jeremy cooked mince with tomatoes and vegetables and cheese on top. The whole thing felt fluffy I think because there were peas that broke open in your mouth and a lot of freshly grated cheese on top. It was lovely.
  2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  3. I had a mysterious bug in some code and worked out what was wrong though it was because of behaviour in a system that I’m not very familiar with.
  1. Today marks 15 years of being with my wife, 4 of being married. Go us.
  2. A book I secretly preordered for her months ago and all but forgot about managed to arrive today to serve as a gift!
  3. My replacement ereader after my beloved shiny got broken accidentally is arriving today! It wasn’t due until Friday, and we didn’t even believe it would really make it by then given how long the other one took!