Gratitude journaling together

  1. The Loki TV series.
  2. I love that the unix “sort” program has a “-V” option that’s intended for sorting version numbers correctly but it also works for sorting IP addresses.
  3. I saw a man walking two friendly dogs in the park and I admired part of a tree tattoo that I could see on his upper arm. He said he had tattoos of his kids’ footprints and the tree was like a family tree that connected them. <3
  • i am very grateful for my friends.
  • self-fratitude: i am grateful i didn’t stay home today.
  • i am grateful for lots of delicious cookies.
  1. SGQ: Good chore management and I got some curtains sewed together that took a lot of work.
  2. The park near our house is so lovely to walk through.
  3. A cozy gloomy rainy day :heart:
  1. For having had a wonderful holiday, full of scuba and sunshine and good food and relaxing
  2. That the house is all fine upon our return
  3. That the cats, too, all seem to be fine and re-settled back into the house
  1. A week of rain is forecast and has started.
  2. A task at work needs one third as much effort to finish it as I first thought.
  3. I left my spare pair of glasses at a friend’s place and another friend noticed and took them for me.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i ate breakfast today.
  • i’m grateful for well-written fan fiction.
  • i’m grateful i got the most important work things done today.
  1. SGQ: solid task management recently.
  2. A lovely walk with my wife and dog.
  3. My covid & flu vaccs today didn’t hit me as hard as I’d feared.
  1. I have completed my savings goal for my new PC, and can order it soon!
  2. I actually overbudgeted so I’m also getting myself a Steam Deck.
  3. And I got myself a fancy new wireless headset. It’s all very within budget and chill, but it feels surprising and weird.
  1. I’ve found some simple code for making an online advent calendar.
  2. Jeremy went out and bought food for me when I was feeling dizzy.
  3. The Doctor Who Children in Need Special 2023 was fun.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i went to the concert tonight.
  • i’m grateful the concert was fun.
  • i’m grateful a shop i needed something from offers 24/7 pick-ups free of charge.
  • short work day
  • self-gratitude: earlier bed time than the past few days
  • therapy tomorrow
  1. Holiday! Including a short trip away and a fancy hotel.
  2. Had a hot bath to relax.
  3. Meeting up with a friend on Friday, and we’re gonna go nuts in a bookshop.
  1. SGQ: I got up early and finished my whole work to-do list!
  2. I had a very nice nap yesterday.
  3. A cute fun party for a nephew this evening
  1. Sitting in an outdoor cafe on a hot morning, with the finest rain imaginable sprinkling my skin.
  2. I can see the footpath from my home office so I see a parade of dogs every morning and afternoon.
  3. SGQ: I did my best Rubik’s Cube time since I was a teenager: 1 minute and 7 seconds.

Nice job on the speedcubing @alys! :smiley:

  1. SGQ: I’m prepped and ready to actually leave on schedule!
  2. My parents watched my dog for us last night.
  3. Cozy drizzly cold weather, perfect for hot drinks and snuggly blankets!
  1. Got to have a lovely chat with my family for a bit more than an hour, who I haven’t seen in person for 5 months now
  2. Got to have a snack from home for breakfast
  3. A whole day to myself today! Have wanted some alone time for a while and I feel a lot more relaxed now
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i went out tonight, despite being low on motivation.
  • i’m grateful the office wasn’t too cold today.
  • i’m grateful i don’t have uni this weekend.
  • self-gratitude: evening nap that didn’t go out of control.
  • pleasant work lunch with colleagues again, it’s been a while
  • enough time tomorrow to deal with at least some beemos before leaving the house around noon, and still enough time for sleep.
  1. There’s a new scrub turkey chick in our garden. I first saw it running from the turkey mound to some bushes so it’s possible I saw it as soon as it had hatched.
  2. My not-at-all-wicked stepmother has given me this year’s Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar). She gave me last year’s too and it was charming and fun, so I’m greatly looking forward to this one.
  3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  1. Spent time with our friend Prof yesterday, and he had a good time too.
  2. Slept in and then spent a couple of hours just reading, nothing else needed from me.
  3. Figured out how to get the hotel room to warm up.