Gratitude journaling together

  1. Some old friends came for a surprise visit
  2. The colours of the autumn leaves
  3. Getting back to exercise after the holiday
  • i’m grateful for a very fun dnd session.
  • i’m grateful i discovered a nice café today.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i’m making efforts again to deal with my beemos.
  1. A new Doctor Who episode!
  2. I found a small branch broken off a eucalyptus tree with sweet-smelling flowers on it.
  3. SGQ: I’ve spent a decent amount of time today on things that needed to be done.
  • i’m grateful i didn’t loose my headband today.
  • self-gratitude: basically all goals at least blue
  • delicious food
  1. I’ve seen the new scrub turkey chick several times in the garden.
  2. Each morning I put out a bowl of water for our favourite adult turkey, Muffin. Some mornings she drinks from it straight away, which makes me feel appreciated. :slight_smile:
  3. SGQ: For my new Advent Calendar app, which has a fun addictive game in it, I’ve put a block on it so that I can’t play it for more than 4 minutes an hour.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful that i took an extended walk today despite the cold.
  • i’m grateful there were still some cookies leftover for a wintery breakfast.
  • i’m grateful i got my payslip today.
  1. SGQ: finally taking a huge decision
  2. My boss who thinks stuff moves fast even though I don’t work so much.
  3. Being less stressed these days. I work less but don’t feel guilty for it anymore. I am living a bit more
  4. The new breaks UI!
  1. Cuddles from a friendly dog at a shop.
  2. A good session with my physio, and a pleasant chat.
  3. SGQ: the past few days I’ve been very good at doing exercises and stretches in breaks between work sessions.
  1. Feeling very lucky about my savings and ability to buy stuff like my new PC, new keyboard, etc.
  2. I hurt my eye yesterday and my vision was pretty blurry all day, but it’s a lot better today. Whew!
  3. Did a lot of reading during my weekend away!
  • i’m grateful someone at work appreciated my friendly emails.
  • i’m grateful we saw a musical tonight.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i managed to pull myself out of my slump a bit and at least started doing some research for my presentation. need to hold it on friday (:
  1. My optometrist did tests to confirm that some small weird eye glitches are just normal aging, not anything to worry about.
  2. It wasn’t raining when I left work. It was raining while I was on the bus. It wasn’t raining when I got off the bus.
  3. SGQ: I went to an environmental protection rally today.
  1. SGQ: I’m glad I’m pursuing an opportunity that’s arisen at work.
  2. Back at home with good coffee and my own bed and my own shower and my own yard… I love visiting family but I also love coming back home.
  3. One of my very good old friends is surprise in town!
  1. Very good art class yesterday
  2. Beautiful stars tonight
  3. New chess opening is going well
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i ended up doing some homework.
  • i’m grateful the work day wasn’t nearly as stressful as i feared it might be.
  • i’m grateful i have therapy tomorrow.
  1. A dragonfly on my window.
  2. Jeremy took me to brunch at my favourite cafe.
  3. The cafe owners had there little dog there. He’s so friendly and soft and fluffy, and we were playing with him as we ate.
  1. New kitten has arrived!
  2. Bake Off came to a satisfying conclusion
  3. Long drive today but traffic wasnt bad
  1. SGQ: accepting that it’s a bad day, trying to save it
  2. SGQ: deciding to go out and do a bit of jogging for the first time in forever
  3. SGQ: I’m going to bed early tonight

Is it so wrong if I’m grateful to myself tonight?

  1. SGQ: Finally asked for a raise after 1 year of thinking about it
  2. SGQ: making good choices today even though my life is back in a bad state since a few days

It was a bad day and a good day at the same time, in the end.

  1. Chatting with friend
  • i’m grateful for a delicious dinner.
  • i’m grateful i can afford therapy.
  • self-gratitude: i’m grateful i’m managing to finish tomorrow’s presentation.
  1. Jeremy and I walked to the local fish and chip shop for lunch.
  2. Virtual machine snapshots. I’m developing an install guide at work and it’s so useful to be able to jump back to any point in the process and not loose all my progress.
  3. T2’s Indian Spice tea.
  1. Buying new art supplies was unnecessarily complicated, but is now done.
  2. Got to the vacuuming on the appointed day, for once
  3. Advent calendars!