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Gratitude journaling together

  1. I didn’t get started on time but somehow caught up and got my morning routine done super fast.
  2. Planet Zoo is on sale and I have enough in my budget to indulge…
  3. I got the perfect postcards for postcrossing/sending to Mum.
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Impossible to say, I’m afraid. I wish I knew! The former is unlikely to be the cause though since I just started that few days ago.

It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re standing up :wink: And there’s a long list of things that will do that to me including: sitting in a lecture, writing a thesis, proofreading a thesis, thinking about how to rewrite sentences in a thesis (ditto for my project’s documentation) and sometimes watching YT videos. And trust me, trying to improve long bits of writing when you’re about to pass out just sucks all life out of you.
Also: no more cold fingers!
And it helps me tremendously with staying focussed and engaged for some reason.
There’s more but I don’t want to derail this thread too much :sweat_smile:

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I know just the thing! Here you go:

Yay! What’s in your morning routine?

  1. Fresh pumpkin scones.
  2. Lentils - easy, healthy, and sort of tasty.
  3. The Windsors - tacky and silly but surprisingly enjoyable.
  1. Refrigerators. Can you imagine life without them? :scream:
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Lentils. Easy, nutritious, sort of tasty.

(This morning, I made a pot of tea and a bowl of pre-cooked lentils at the same time. I caught myself just in time to stop myself spooning the lentils into the teapot.)


Oops, late today.

  1. Got up early and had an early walk. Rather chilly and quiet, just birdsong, felt nice.
  2. My GP had no problem giving me another month of anxiety meds. WHEW.
  3. It’s bath day, as opposed to shower day, which means a self-indulgent hour soaking in hot water, probably with bubbles, definitely with a book.
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My morning routine includes eating, getting dressed, taking meds, brushing my teeth, and then several particular bits of work that I always do on a morning, and any Beeminder tasks that take <5 minutes and are in the orange on that day. At the moment, it often includes writing a letter to my mother as well. After the work, I try to fit in some working out or going for a walk (possibly to the postbox with said letter), but either way my morning routine ends with logging in to do Beeminder’s inbox.


Ooh I like including that as part of a morning routine!

Hot baths are really good for depression:

I have a beeminder goal to take a hot bath every day!

I’m grateful for hot running water - so miraculous to just turn the tap and have it come forth!

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Yep, that is why I have at least two baths per week, between 2 and 6pm, at a temp of 40 degrees C per a pilot trial on hyperthermic baths as treatment for depression. I’ve been doing it for a while, with definite sleep benefits. I’d say I’ve sometimes not really managed much beyond the spirit of it (my bath is a bit too small for full-body immersion), so I’m curious how it’d be if I had access to a deeper tub. On the other hand, reading in the bath would be more difficult then!

It’s hard to say how well it’s helped my anxiety because external-to-my-brain-chemistry causes made it spike over the last six months, but I’d say it’s had an impact there too.


You accidentally a number there

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this sentence no verb

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  1. Verbs.
  2. Nouns.
  3. Grammar in general. I find it quite interesting! I learnt Latin for a while and the increased understanding of grammar was my favourite part."

Thanks for the flashback :smiley:

Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres

will haunt me for the rest of my life :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotta say though, it was kinda awesome to be able to read this historical work.

Today’s gratitude:

  1. Three(!) letters from my mother – clearly the Royal Mail is batching deliveries, or possibly pickup (actually now that I think about it, it’s probably pickup).
  2. The nose piece that has come off my glasses twice has been found twice! It’s tiny so this was unexpected to say the least.
  3. Wife got us small cheesecakes as a treat and we had them today for elevenses. :yum:

But have you ever verbed a noun?

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This is why I wish I’d learnt Latin. I loved learning enough Old Icelandic to read the sagas and that was really cool. (I should’ve kept practising my Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic… but keeping up my French is hard enough!)


Ooh, yes, my gratitude entry for today is our new bug report template:

I had so much fun figuring that out (consulted extensively with my linguist friend in Germany and the rationality hive mind on Facebook) and I know it’s so eye-rolly to everyone else but, well, I’m grateful that I have people who like to nerd out on such things with me!

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I’m grateful that there is an instant cure for canker sores - I had a really painful one and putting the cure on it made the pain go away.

I’m also grateful for this thread! It’s a lot of fun and it helps remind me to appreciate good things.

  1. My housemate made pumpkin scones.
  2. The weather has turned cold enough for blankets to be snuggly but not so cold it’s uncomfortable.
  3. EasiYo yoghurt - you can make it at home from powder, and I have a stash of packets, which is really convenient right now.