Will GTbee ever be updated?

Overall I really like the GTbee app but it has not been updated in two years. Some things I wish were added:

  1. Not having the ability to delete a goal. As it seems to easy to delete a goal. Actually created a goal to keep me on track in this regard (https://www.beeminder.com/linux535/nogtbeedelete)

  2. Instead of setting a countdown let me set a specific date.

  3. Allow tags to be added to tasks and custom reminders.

Again like the app currently just wish it was updated.


I tried and just could not get it working at all. Were you able to actually make it work?

@narthur made a better version called Task Ratchet. It’s basically an updated GTBee.


@zedmango yea it’s been working fine picture above. I have actually messed around with taskRachet a bit overall liked it. However there are some issues that have not caused me to switch over:

  1. I have goals in GTbee that are up to 5 months away. I could carry them over however GTbee does not give exact dates of when things are due so I might give myself extra time or not enough in transition.

  2. Was a little nervous that if I forget to mark something as complete I might get charged. With GTbee I know how the beeminder system works with the 24 hours to email if it was not valid. Does TaskRachet do the same?

  3. I like having an app rather then going to a website personally. Though this is a very minor thing that would not prevent me from switching its mainly the first two reasons.


Are you using iPhone? I think it’s the Android version that no longer works.

Hey, thanks for checking it out! It’s very early days for TaskRatchet, so any feedback you have is super valuable. Please feel free to email me at nathan@taskratchet.com with any bugs or issues or feature requests etc :smiley:

TaskRatchet handles charges similarly to Beeminder. When a task becomes overdue, an email is sent to you warning you that you’re about to be charged. 24 hours later, the charge is authorized with your payment method, and 24 hours after that the charge is actually captured. You can reply to the charge notification email at any time during those 48 hours to automatically pause the charge until I can respond. You can still reply after those 48 hours, but I’ll have to send you a refund instead of just canceling the charge.

Again, thank you so much for giving it a look!

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@zedmango Yes it is the ios version.

@narthur Okay, sounds good! I just need to figure out how I will transfer my current goals from GTbee. Thanks for the response!

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Just to let you know, GTBee isn’t a Beeminder-built app. It’s a third party app that uses the Beeminder API, but we don’t manage it or have control over it or anything. We just cancel the not-legit derailments when they happen.


@mary okay gotcha I didn’t even know there was a API.

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Oh, wait! Actually, we (specifically @apb) did build it, really just as a fun side project. Just that we stopped developing/maintaining it.