Habitica dailies not being counted

Hi, I’m using the Habitica integration to track my dailies. It seems like not every daily that I tick off in Habitica is getting drawn into Beeminder (when I look at the data points Beeminder is listing for a goal), although some of them are; it’s not consistent which dailies are included.

I wondered if it’s because my goals are set to track by category and I added some dailies to those categories after setting up the Beeminder goals? It’s only been a few days so it might also be that I’m misunderstanding how something works.

(Also, I’m tracking four goals but it looks like I can only do three without a subscription. Should I delete one?)

Hey! Not to worry about the extra goal – we can and do give people free goals pretty much on request. Some people have never subscribed and have a dozen goals. You’re fine! :slight_smile:

Habitica troubleshooting: right now, we don’t count any tasks associated with challenges, which could be throwing you off, and we also can’t count anything that you check off in the modal on Habitica which lets you track yesterday’s activities. Might that explain things?

Thank you–it must be that I checked off the dailies the next day! That hadn’t occurred to me :blush: I will take more care to check them off as I actually complete them, which is probably a good habit anyway. (Hmm, what if I make a habit in Habitica for checking off my dailies on time…I could fall down a very long rabbit hole on this :slightly_smiling_face:)
Thanks for your help, and the reassurance about the goals.

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The yesterday’s dailies thing is non-obvious, so actually we super-appreciate knowing it’s something we probably need to make sure is documented somewhere. Thank you!