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Habitica integration under-reporting?

Recently I started using Habitica again. I’ve had ~between 6 and 12 dailies, and I haven’t missed any since I started, plus I’ve marked off the occasional todo, which the integration is supposed to catch, as well. I’ve marked all dailies off the day I completed them, well before midnight. However, my Beeminder data from the integration looks like this:

20: 5
21: 5
22: 3
23: 2

Why is Beeminder missing so many of my dailies?

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Ah, good question / possible bug report! I know there are particular rules about what Beeminder counts from Habitica, like not counting To-Dos that are part of a Challenge.

Details in the help docs: Habitica - Beeminder Help

Does that answer it and does it still seem buggy?

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It still feels buggy to me, like it’s only counting most dailies if I go in and manually sync.


Can you check the streaks that Habitica is showing for each Daily? If you’ve completed each one four days in a row, the streak should be 4, as shown below. If it’s less than that, it means that Habitica didn’t record that Daily as being complete on one of the past four days, and so that Daily wouldn’t count towards your Habitica goal.


Note though that it is possible for you to manually edit streaks (that lets you adjust your stats if a bug causes you to lose streaks), so if you’ve been editing them, then this check wouldn’t help resolve the integration issue.

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Oh, good thought. All my streaks are at 4, 5, and 6, consistent with me completing all of them every day. I haven’t done any editing.

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If shanaqui says something different to this, listen to them not me. :slight_smile:

This probably needs a combined debugging effort from a Habitica database admin (me) and a Beeminder support admin BUT it means that both of us would see your Habitica task names for To Do’s and Dailies. If you’re okay with that, email Beeminder support, state that it’s okay for someone to look at your Habitica tasks, and include your Habitica Username (that’s the @name that appears on your chat messages and above your stats on the Habitica website). Beeminder support can get in touch with me for a list of dates and times when Habitica recognised your tasks being completed and they can compare that with what’s shown in Beeminder’s data.


Ok, permission sent!