Who is having issues with Habitica integration?

I’ve seen a few reports of trouble with the Habitica integration not picking up completed Todos since I finished changing the names of everything from HabitRPG to Habitica. Can anyone who’s having trouble with the Habitica integration in the past week or so chime in? I could use some more instances to help with debugging, because there’s not anything obviously wrong when I query Habitica for todos, but several people are saying that our counts are wrong.



I’m very new and still trying to figure things out around here. I set up a goal through Habitica, and it showed up here just as I expected. My updates made in Habitica also showed up here for several days, but then just stopped. I didn’t notice it right away, but now that my goal’s about to derail I’ve realized many updates never made it to Beeminder and there isn’t any way for me to add updates directly within Beeminder (unless I’ve missed something) to keep my goal from derailing. Any suggestions? I don’t mind paying the $5 when my goal derails but it’s a bummer that I’ve actually made progress over several different days and didn’t et any credit for it :frowning:

I’d like to get this figured out because I like using both Beeminder and Habitica together.



Have you emailed support? We can definitely help with the pending derail – no eating a $5 payment because Beeminder’s gotten things wrong, or even if it’s just a misunderstanding about how things are going to work!

Ok, second up: we don’t count challenge todos or Dailies in the Beeminder count – any chance the days that weren’t getting picked up were from Dailies or challenge todos?

And to be clear: even if that’s the case, we don’t want to charge you for that, because that’s on us for not being clear up front about what was getting counted. So anyway, definitely email us at support about the goal!


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