HealthKit integration not working for me

I poked around and created an account a long time ago, but I have not used Beeminder. Today I learned that it can integrate with HealthKit, which sounds close to perfection. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work. I am using iOS 11.0.3 on an iPhone 7.

The Beeminder app does not show up as a “source” in the Health app. In the Beeminder app, I get an empty screen under Settings > Health app integration. In the iOS settings app, I don’t see anything related to HealthKit under Beeminder, just Siri & Search, Notifications and Background App Refresh.

What do I need to do to use HealthKit integration with Beeminder?

Oh, PS I tried deleting and re-installing Beeminder. No go.


Oh wait. Maybe I have to create a goal first?

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Thanks so much for asking about this, @jdtangney! The app does expect you to create the goal first. (Full instructions at Eager to hear if that solves it. And thanks again for asking because it means we need to make that more obvious!

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