Newbee here -where are things going wrong? Apple Health

Hi all. :smile: I’m a newbee who has spent waaay too many hours on the site exploring over the past week. I stumbled across Beeminder about a week ago when I was looking for something on the internet. I’d heard of Stickk before but hadn’t really explored it. Originally when I heard there were sites on the internet that would track things and then take your money if you didn’t do them – it did sound a little “crazy pants” (to use the expression found in one of the side bars on the site). However, as I have read more, I discovered that this is really about something that I have found to be true about myself over time. In some areas of my life, I certainly tend to make decisions in the short-term that are against my long-term interests. I’d noticed that adding a shorter term cost helped me make better decisions – I had no idea there were actual other people who had figured this out too. There’s real science behind this – who knew?!? :roll_eyes:

I’ve been impressed by all that Dan and Bethany have built here and the fairness with which they run their business. Impressive. I’m also impressed with the sense of community in the forum. So….kind people on the forum (buttering you up), can you help me? I created a little test goal last week and tried linking it to steps recorded on my Apple Watch. But it’s not working. I’ve tried updating the data through the app and the website. I wrote for help several days ago, but my sense is that things are pretty busy behind the scenes here. I haven’t heard anything from that. I even tried seeing if I could manually enter data. From all of the reading I have been doing here, it sounds like the problem may be that there are some glitches with the integration with Apple Health. Am I right to conclude that? In a couple of days, the goal is going to actually expect me to have taken some steps and I will derail. I feel like I need to delete this goal now unless I can figure out how to fix it. Any suggestions?

(PS Programming is not my area of expertise AT ALL, but I’ve enjoyed the bits that are mentioned here about it. When I started college about 3,000 years ago, I thought I would major in computer science. After one bad brush with FORTRAN and a professor who was a real meanie, I changed my major and never looked back. With all of the fun and easy ways to learn to code, maybe I need to play with that. Just thinking about it.)


First of all, welcome! That’s great that you’ve decided to make the jump to crazy-pants land :slight_smile:

There are some issues (well mainly one issue) with the Apple Health integration right now, namely that it’s not updating for some people. This started with the update I pushed out last week (to try to fix the issue of duplicating data, which it totally did!) so the timing is super unfortunate.

I’m pretty close to having a fix and a new version, so hopefully it will be resolved before you derail.

As always, if there’s anything technical like this that gets in the way of you meeting your goal, we wouldn’t want to take your money. Just email support and let us know what happened. We have a pretty outstanding support team (if I do say so myself) and while things are indeed pretty busy behind the scenes, we generally get everything at least replied to within a day.

I wanted to figure out why we hadn’t replied, so I found the note you sent in about these apple health goals. Since it was sent as an explanation for deleting the goals, we usually interpret those as an FYI for us, like “hey I changed my mind right after I set this one up” so we can see how people are using that feature (it’s a somewhat recent addition, letting people delete goals). So I bet whoever saw your notes didn’t realize that you were trying to tell us that the real reason you had to keep experimenting was that the data wasn’t automatically coming in!

In the meantime, and in case the integration isn’t fixed before you’re set to derail, I’ve unlinked your goal from Apple Health, which will allow you to manually enter the number of steps you’ve taken so you don’t go off track. Once the new version of the iOS app is released I’ll let you know and you can re-link it.

That turned into a really long reply but hopefully it helps to get you started on the right foot!

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Thanks for the help! Much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face: (I’ll be clearer if I ever need to contact support directly again.)


Hi, Kerrie! Welcome to Beeminder, and to the forum. Nice to have you here!