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Help 2022 Resolution: How to Track Off-Line Time?

I’m sure there’s a good way to do it. I just don’t know how.

Imagine a boring but necessary offline activity (sorting receipts, pulling weeds, etc.). I’d like to use Beeminder to track the time spent on it, and I’m looking for the most screen-free way to do it. Here’s what I considered:

  1. Use Garmin watch to track time spent on the activity. Garmin allows creating custom activities, but I couldn’t find how to sync them to Beeminder (screenshot Screenshot-20220101-195530 — ImgBB )

  2. Use Garmin watch to track time spent on the activity, sync it to Strava, then sync it to Beeminder. Yet I couldn’t find how to sync a custom activity from Strava to Beeminder.

  3. Use the built-it stopwatch in the Beeminder app — but this requires fiddling with a mobile device, potentially adding distraction that would derail the task.

Any advice?

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For these things I just use tagtime connected to beeminder goals: TagTime

I exclusively use the Android app and it’s been working great even though I think it hasn’t gotten a lot of active maintenance

Thanks! I’m curious: What’s the advantage of TagTime versus the built-in timer in the Beeminder Android app?

well there’s a couple of things:

  • You can back-enter data if you don’t want to touch a device at all
  • Entering data is fast enough I find it doesn’t break concentration in the moment

so even though you’re fiddling with something it’s a lot more unobtrusive than actual timers because you don’t have to remember to start and stop them while you’re also trying to work

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