Help! Confused and need help re Old commitment!!!

Over 1 year ago I made 1 free commitment on Beeminder and I haven’t checked in much since then. TOday I decided to check it out some more and/or put my credit card info and I might want to make new commitments.

Big mistake! I see the number 950. something in the data points box. Are they going to charge me 950 dollars or something because I have not been check in with my very old commitment way back in April 2014? Are they going to charge me anything?

I am concerned about this, I archived the commitment and it says it will be done September 6th. I do not want to be charged any money, let alone hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

I have not signed up for any beeminder plans at all. Just put my credit card info in. I tried to find out how to delete credit card, I cant figure it out.

I emailed customer support and called on phone, nothing so far.

Confused and need help thanks


First of all, I imagine everything is going to be okay because the Beeminder people are very good about this kind of stuff and I am 99% sure you are not going to get defrauded by them. :smile:

Are you talking about ? I see 920.6 listed as a goal total but the faded $0 on the graph is the pledge amount (as in Dropbox - Screenshot 2015-08-30 13.04.54.png - Simplify your life). That goal is also derailed without a rerail (presumably because you don’t have a credit card on file) so you haven’t done anything that would put any money at risk. If you’re not talking about that goal then sorry forget this paragraph!


Also you can find a table of your money at risk and previous charges at . My guess is that you have zero at risk and were never charged any money (if your account name matches your forum name).


Thanks so much, @drtall, for fielding this! (Though I’m slightly insulted at your implication that we defraud 1 out of 100 people! (I kid.))

And @herbsgirl1982, recapitulating @bee’s questions in support:

It’d be really really helpful to us to understand what steps you took – were you trying to restart the old goal? Were you trying to start a new goal from scratch? Did you add your credit card from the payments page? And at what point did it seem like we were going to charge you $950! Because that’s obviously a huge mistake on our part. (A mistake in presentation/UI if nothing else.)

Let me also add, for posterity, the list of reasons not to fear adding a credit card on Beeminder:

  1. We’ll never charge your card if you stay on track
  2. We’ll email you before charging you in case anything went wrong, like any kind of technical problem or even just confusion about how things work
  3. Reply to that email and we’ll always believe you and cancel the charge (unless you choose to weaselproof yourself)
  4. We have a deadman switch: if you stop using Beeminder altogether, we’ll stop charging you