I did my first goal, but beeminder says I owe 1 dollar

I did my first goal, but beeminder says I owe 1 dollar. I’m using habitica. Have I set up the goal wrong, or has the system not been updated yet?
Or is it something else?

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Ah, thanks for asking this! You haven’t been charged anything; I bet what you’re seeing is this:


Does that sound right?

I haven’t added a card yet though.

Oh, in that case I’m confused. Do you have a screenshot or quote?

Oh good, or no blatant bug at least. It’s saying you need to finish 1 To-Do in Habitica by midnight or pay $0.

Wait, I think I was just thrown off by “Beeminder says I owe 1 dollar” when you meant “Beeminder says I owe 1 To-Do” and you’re saying you did the To-Do and Beeminder’s not picking it up… So that’s a potential bug or some kind of problem!

Could you email support@beeminder.com and we’ll figure out what’s up with this? There are a couple rules and caveats about which To-Dos count… We’ll of course make sure you don’t derail due to any technicality like that.

I sent an email.
When do you think I’m likely to receive a reply back?


Generally when I email support I have a reply within 24 hours - usually sooner.

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thank you