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Credit Card Not being charged

I am new to beeminder. For testing purposes I deliberately derailed from my goal. I got an email from beeminder about the derailment and $5 charges and $10 on next derailment. However I have not been charged. When does beeminder charge? Can I make it immediate so that I dont delete the goal altogether?



Thanks for mentioning you weren’t sure about this, it’s valuable to know it was a concern for you. It’s 24 hours! This gives people time to call not-legit, which helps reduce how often people get charged and then say it wasn’t legit after all. Refunds cost Beeminder money, so we have to balance the sting timing and avoiding getting stung too often ourselves. :slight_smile:

Note that even being charged won’t stop you being able to delete your goal for the first seven days. The only thing which will do that is weaselproofing – which also means that if you ever want us to cancel your charge, you’ll need to provide proof of why you weren’t able to do the goal or that you did complete it, so think carefully before you enable it!


I agree with everything @shanaqui said (of course) and it also serves as an eloquent argument for why it’s high time to replace weaselproofing with “no excuses” mode. But that’s a longer story for somewhere other than the newbee area of the forum!