Help!! fitbit autodata created 4000 calories over my limit

Hi all,

I tried to use fitbit to auto enter calories for the day but instead it used like 5 days worth of data (which wasnt even completely entered either). Wasnt aware that it would take previous days data and cumulate it… now im over calories and 3 hours until im charged pls help

Hi! We’ve been chatting about this via Intercom, but since this is public I thought I’d add a general answer here as well in case someone else runs into this problem in future!

Basically, Fitbit usually will import all your calories from the past few days at the beginning, but we can reset your graph to start from 0 if you let us know. And whenever you have problems like this – where you might derail due to a technical problem – you can message us (you’ll get a “beeminder legitimacy check” email which you can just reply to) and ask us to cancel any charges, explaining what went wrong. We never want to charge someone when it’s not fair. :slight_smile:

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