Fitbit calories eaten


I set a Fitbit calories eaten goal of 1600. Does this mean I stay on track if I stay under this limit? Or I stay on track if I eat a minimum of 1600 calories?


Good question! It’s supposed to be obvious from your graph if it’s do-more or do-less. I guess this would be a better question for support actually, so we can get the specifics (and probably get a nice bug report out of it since the very fact that it wasn’t obvious is something that’s important for us to fix, so we’re really grateful that you asked this!).

Hi there! Sorry I never saw this – I’m not sure if you ever found your way to support, but whenever you have questions please do send us an email at Knowing what users are confused about is so important; I have a mighty spreadsheet which is just longing for all of this kind of data. :smiley:

The short answer is, the calories eaten goals are all do-less goals, at least by default (you should be able to flip them if you have a premium account with access to custom goals); you can eat up to 1,600 calories.

Actually, that’s the long answer, too…

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