What happens if I don't weigh myself for several days?


I’m currently on a weightloss goal via using the aria 2 data to synch with beeminder.

I’m going to be out of the city for a few days next monday-saturday. It’s not tenable to take the fitbit with me.

Will I be charged for the days I don’t step on the scale, or will it be that once I get back on Saturday, beeminder will resume based on my new weight and adjust accordingly?


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Just as a nugget of info while we wait for the support bees, before you’re charged, you get an email asking if the charge is non-legit.

If for no fault of your own you weren’t able to fulfill your goal’s obligations, just reply saying so! You won’t get charged. If the charge is legit, just don’t reply anything and you’ll get charged 24 hours later.

Just some general info, so again, wait for someone who knows the exact answer, but as a rule of thumb you shouldn’t worry about just getting charged a bunch of money with no say in it if something happens to go wrong.

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Hi! If you’ve got enough leeway that it’s not saying you need to enter a datapoint in the meantime, you’ll be fine while you’re away. If not, then you’ll derail in the meantime (and should contact support – support@beeminder.com – so we can tweak some flat spot in there for you).

Assuming you’re fine while you’re away, then once you weigh in again once you’re back, you will derail if you’ve gained more weight than the road allows, but otherwise you’ll be fine and can just resume as normal.

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