Help Needed - software time tracking.

Hello all,

I wondered if anyone could help.

I’m looking for a way of using Beeminder to hold me accountable to hours worked on my software ‘Logic Pro X’ (Mac)

RescueTime implements very well, but unfortunately I don’t find Rescuetime to be accurate at tracking my hours on Logic Pro.

I’ve been using Timecamp as a tracker outside of Beeminder and it seems more reliable overall, but there is no direct integration.

So the question - Does anyone know how else I could accurately track my daily hours on Logic Pro, and then get this data automatically fed into Beeminder.

Many thanks!


Interesting question!

A few possibilities:

  • Qbserve does automatic app time tracking, and integrates with IFTTT, but it doesn’t sound like it’s integration with IFTTT is going to do what you’d need it to. If all else fails, you could enter the data into Beeminder manually, though that doesn’t feel great.
  • Timing has an API and a Zapier integration, which might let you hook it up with Beeminder.
  • If you’re comfortable rolling your own script, you might be able to get something working with Python and the Beeminder API.
  • If none of this works out, you could consider trying out TagTime, which does integrate with Beeminder. From this blog post:

The solution we came up with was stochastic self-sampling. We call it TagTime. It runs in the background on my computer and at unpredictable intervals throughout the day it pops up a window and asks “What are you doing right now?” I add text tags which get written to a log file along with the timestamp.

It’s random — every 45 minutes on average — so over the course of a single day there’s high variance, but over time I get a very accurate picture of how I spend my time. I’ve been doing this since 2007. I’ve got over 72 thousand entries in my log. So that’s pretty accurate.

Good luck!


Hi Narthur.

The manual entry of data wouldn’t work for me as I’m after automated accountability, with no wriggle room.

My productivity has been abysmal of late, so I really need something to boot me up the rear!

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with coding, but I will look into your other suggestions. Many thanks!


Here’s something really great from that page:

  • Timesheets with activity summary, timeline, and notes for each hour.

Rescuetime, which I’m currently using, doesn’t have this. You only get a total for each activity, not a detailed timeline. I’d love to know how many times I get distracted and switch for 20-30 seconds to twitter/facebook and how that impacts my productivity.

Do you know of any software with this capability that runs on windows or linux? Mac is the one platform I don’t own at all :(

I’m considering rolling my own as well, but I’d like to avoid reinventing the wheel on this one.


I’m not sure if it’s a Pro feature (which is well worth the cost imho) but you do have detailed breakdowns per hour and app.
The paid subscription will also track page titles and for apps like Word will track file names.
So for @domorework, he can most probably track time on the basis of video files. By the way why do you find RT not to be accurate?

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In terms of custom text notes, RT has a Highlights feature in the premium version

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I don’t think we’re talking about the same feature. This has got to be the worst mockup ever, but I hope it gives the right idea:

Ideally you’d be able to see something like switching to twitter even if it’s for just 30 seconds. The more fragmented this is, the more you’re multitasking and the less you’re focusing.

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RT has productivity by hour and apps by hour charts

It can also do daily trends

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@apolyton Sorry but it’s still not the same thing. If I use twitter for 30 minutes straight and word for 30 minutes straight in an hour that’s ok, but if I switch between the two once per minute that kills my actual productivity. The statistics you’re showing me would show the two as being the exact same.


Then you don’t need a chart for this. No chart will help you.
You need a blocking feature like FocusTime Sign in to RescueTime

I see a Zapier integration on their page Time tracking integrations with your favorite apps - TimeCamp You can use that to send data to Beeminder.

Why do you find that RescueTime is not accurate?

I don’t mean to be rude, but this isn’t helpful. I’m not looking for general productivity advice, I’m asking if anyone knows of a software that has a very specific diagnostic feature in it.

We should also probably stop as we’re derailing @domorework’s thread .


Last comment on this to stop the derailing of the subject :slight_smile:

RT has a related experimental feature where a category time will show a percentage bar showing how focused you are in the specific category over the last 15’ minutes
It is immediate feedback on your current state. Unfortunately they do not yet keep any logging of “sustained focus” or anything like


And this will be the end of my #saturdaymorningprocrastination (trademark pending) [#commitsto]


@apolyton thanks a ton. this was helpful.