Help: Quick-Start Overview Page: Closing the Inferential Distance looks really helpful but some of the jargon might not make too much sense to a new person.

Perhaps a thumbnail image could be added above “How do I interpret the goal page” and “How do I interpret the graph”. I’m suggesting those 2 things because “goal page” is definitely Beeminder jargon and the website shows many graphs (I know that if you look really carefully, they’re the same graph but that might not be much consolation to a new person): a graph on the dashboard page, a graph on the goal page, and 2 more graphs on the user’s mobile application (dashboard and goal screen).

Taking off my computer science hat and speaking as a sort-of new person…I didn’t even know what was meant by “goal page”. I thought it must be the “dashboard” page (because that page has my 1 and only goal) until I typed this entire post and realized that you must be referring to the page dedicated to the goal with the graph inside it.


I also had a hard time understanding Beeminder as a new user, I had to really dig in to understand their language. This should clear things up :point_down: