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Help thinking through how to make a complex goal

I have a goal of doing a thing once a day for 5 days, twice on the sixth day, and zero times on the seventh day. It would be a do less goal, so day 7 is not a “free day,” it’s a “hard work” day of not doing it at all. I can’t just do a 7x/week goal, because there’s nothing forcing me to do 0 day 7; I can’t do 6x/week goal, because it’s very important I be able to do it twice on day 6; the 2x day needs to come before the 0x day so the red line is forcing the 0. I specifically want to track units, not compliance and I have good reasons for it (that I’m not going to share :slight_smile:). Is this even possible? I figure either it’s not, or it’ll be some complicated math thing I’d never think of myself. Thanks!

Unrelated question: can I make the start date in the past so I can copy history from one goal to another and have it plotted along the red and yellow lines? I tried setting x-min, and it plotted my data, but didn’t draw the red/yellow lines all the way back.

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The easiest way I can think of might require remembering to schedule your upcoming roads once in a while.

  • You can create a do-less goal with a rate of 1/day.
  • Then, about once a month or whatever frequency works for you, go into the break section of the Stop/Pause tab and set a break with a daily rate of 2 for the closest upcoming day of the week you want set as your +2 day and then another with a daily rate of 0 for the following day.
  • Repeat for the week after and then the week after that, etc. and then set a reminder to come and do it again at least a week before the last one you’ve scheduled.

(You could also use the graph editor, instead, if that’s more intuitive to you.)

Would that do it?

Oh! If you want your +2 day to be a Saturday and your +0 day to be a Sunday, you could also do this with a little workaround using the weekends off feature (also in the Stop/Pause tab).

  1. Create a do-less goal with a rate of 6/week
  2. Turn on the weekends off feature and in the box under “Number of units to allow on weekends (total per weekend):” enter a 1 (which will give you one extra unit on Saturdays and no extra units on Sundays)

I believe that if we get the goal’s start date right*, this should result in you having the same +0 day every week on Sunday and, along with the extra +1 on Saturdays, should get you the flow that you want without any additional maintenance… I think.

(*Getting the start date right might need to be done with a little trial and error, so feel free to email support and I’d be glad to fiddle with the first date for you to get the weekends to sync with the +2 and +0 days)

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Thank you! I think your weekends off idea would have been exactly what I was after, but (graph editing and) weekends off are Bee Plus features, and I’m not interested enough in making this work to pay for those features. I ended up making 1 goal for the 7x/week, 1 goal for the 0x day, and one goal for the 2x day, and I’ll tie them together creatively via IFTTT to approximate desired behavior. I really appreciate your brainstorming though!