Help with hiding a display I never want to see

Hi all! I’m not a coder at all, so I’m a bit stuck on this one. I want to remove the honey money display from the header and literally never see it.


I’m sure it’s possible via userscripts and so on, but I wouldn’t know how to start… or finish… or basically do anything other than install something someone else made. :sweat_smile:

I have years of muscle memory here, I need my username to be in that spot so I can get back to my dashboard, darn it! Plus, I don’t ever want to use honey money (never, ever, ever, ever) so it’s of no use to me to see that counter there.

I know Beeminder isn’t going to provide an option to remove it (options are bad!) so can someone help me out and get it out of my way via this workaround? :scream: It is driving me nuts.


Try uBlock Origin. It’s a full-fledged content-blocker browser extension, precisely useful for cases like this. It’s also a very good adblocker, and many people use it exclusively as such, but the reason it brands itself a “content blocker” and not just an “ad blocker” is because it is far more powerful than that. With uBlock Origin you can right-click on an element, choose “Block element…” from the context menu, and then that element will be blocked by uBlock Origin going forward (in that browser.) This gives you exactly the effect you want, without any coding.

“Block element…” in the context menu (right-clicking on the Honey Money balance):

Then you can configure the filter, but in this case no need: just click “Create”.


Huh, I’d used uBlock Origin before, but never thought to use it like that (only for ads and obvious junk)! Clever. :grin: Thank you!