Is there a good reason for not having "Beeminder" in the website title?

This situation has been bothering me for a while.

I use a tool to switch between windows and tabs, and whenever I want to go to Beeminder, I get stuck. I run the tool with a shortcut that gives me a search bar that fuzzy queries all open windows, open browser tabs, launchable programs, and whatever else I want to open. It’s similar to Alfred on macOS.

The only website that I know that doesn’t announce its name (that I use regularly) in the title is Beeminder. Training my brain to query for “dashboard” has been unsuccessful thus far.


I would go so far and call that an antipattern (without having any professional web development experience). Is there a specific reason for “Beeminder” not being in the title? If there is a reason that makes sense (according to my judgment), I will donate $50 to a charity of @dreev’s choice.


Do you mean antipattern or “dark pattern”?

You know what, probably neither, if I am honest. I looked up the definition of an anti-pattern, and it’s not what I thought it meant. I attempted to sound smarter than I am.

I meant “something that someone might do, but there is no benefit for anybody doing it that way (and there is a different way that makes more sense).” Please feel free to suggest better words, and I will edit the title accordingly.

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Oh, I didn’t mean to be harsh or call you out–I just wanted to make sure you didn’t think it was a malicious thing! (I don’t know what the reason is–or if there is a reason–but I would be extremely surprised if it were to be something intentionally user-hostile.)

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It’s all good, no offense taken. I realize my original post might sound sassier than I intended. My main goal was to find out if there is a specific reason and if there could be an option to add “Beeminder” to the dashboard and goal pages. (The goal page title contains the name of the goal twice.)

I have two use cases that require Beeminder in the title: using the launcher as explained and tagging website usage. I can achieve both use cases by looking for the string “felixm dashboard,” but that looks like a string that might appear in other apps.

Hence my question; I didn’t assume any user-hostile intentions.

I reflected on why I used the word “anti-pattern.” The name is somewhere in the title on most websites. We can think of that as the default pattern, and Beeminder does it differently, hence, anti-pattern. But of course, just because one website does it differently, it is not yet an anti-pattern, so I used the term wrong. I appreciate you pointing out that I wasn’t clear. (It’s another anti-pattern that proficient speakers don’t point out wrong word usage by non-native speakers because that prevents them from improving. :wink: )

Anyway, my null hypothesis was that there was no specific reason for the title string being this way. However, if there is a particular thought behind it (and the only reason I think there might be is that Dreev has a rational explanation for most things he does), then I will still donate to the charity.


There are plugins or extensions that can automatically rename tabs based on filters. That would probably be your quickest solution.

That’s a good idea. I will do that.

I have just realized that GitHub doesn’t put its name into the title either so that’s that. It still annoys me but since I am the only one who cares about this I give up :smiley:

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Probably this was done without a specific reason behind it. As evidence I submit that the slug (“Goal name” in settings) is repeated twice in the title of the goal page. E.g. “french | apolyton/french goal page”
An easy candidate for a #UVI @dreev :slight_smile:


What do you think?

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Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: This makes me so happy and made my day. Thanks for taking this into consideration.

Look how much easier it is now to identify Beeminder activity.


And you also removed the duplicated goal names!! :slight_smile:

Now we just have to wait for the people whose script depend on the old titles :wink: I apologize but this was the right thing to do.