Helping self-isolated procrastinators while being more productive

I’d like you to prove me wrong but I think that self-isolation has made Akrasia a bigger problem than it has ever been before.

Some people lost their jobs and are starting projects on their own. Others now have to work from home. And many of these people now miss the accountability they had from their colleagues. This can sometimes turn into a dangerous procrastination/depression spiral… You know how it goes.

That’s why it’s during these difficult times that I’m the most grateful for Beeminder, StickK, Habitica, and so on. Because it works and it makes them (and me) do more and better.

But I think me need more of it. And I’d like to do my bit for the cause… while playing with behavioral psychology :slight_smile:

See, for me, that accountability I mentioned before always helps me. It’s easier and more satisfying to stick to my plans when someone is checking on me. The problem I have is that friends checking on me online are often too soft and inconsistent (or is it just my friends?) and in accountability groups no one really cares if I postpone a task “just one more day… again”.

Some time ago I discovered “Boss as a Service”, a great accountability service by @manasvinik. Inspired by it and seeing how we now need more accountability than ever, I’m starting CheckWise: a human accountability service where a real person makes sure you do what you said you would do.

This is how it works:

  1. You submit your to-dos for the day (or for a specific deadline in the future) via Whatsapp, Telegram or email.

  2. By the end of the day/deadline, you send proof that you’ve completed it (ideally with a photo or screenshot).

  3. If you don’t, I insist until you resolve it one way or another.

CheckWise can be used while also using Beeminder and most productivity apps. In fact, I encourage using it together with Beeminder for a higher level of accountability.

Would anyone be interested in beta testing it? Before helping as many self-isolated people as possible I need plenty of feedback to polish the service. If you’re in, you would be helping me serve others better while I help you become more productive.

I’m taking in just a few beta tester users for now and I’d like to give priority to Beeminder users. I know that here we’re serious about our goals and that’s exactly the kind of people I’m looking for.

If you’re interested in trying it, comment here or PM me for details.

Thank you @dreev for the permission to post this here and for your wise thoughts on the idea. And of course to @manasvinik for your great job with BaaS! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just the other day I was talking about trying to add photo/video evidence to more of my Beeminders. Sounds fun. I also highly recommend @manasvinik!


Just wanted to say that @aleix is an upstanding member of the community and I heartily encourage people to try out CheckWise!


Thank you for the kind words @dreev :slight_smile:
Happy to be part of this thoughtful community!